XRP WILL CRUSH Bitcoin (Here’s Why Ripple Wins)

Is a Double-Dip Inevitable?

Is the world really headed back into a recession, or are investors just over-jumpy? What could send the global economy over the edge – or return to strength?

4 Mistakes to Avoid When Managing Your Owner Financed Mortgage Note

There are some critical tasks that someone who holds a private mortgage note must do in order to protect this asset. Below are 4 mistakes many note holders often make that need to be avoided.

Dot Com Revolution

There is an old saying about money: “With it you’re a dragon, without it, you’re a worm”. Somewhere in between, you’re human.

The World’s Oldest Bank

Twenty years prior to the first voyage of Christopher Columbus, the world’s oldest bank was formed in the Republic of Siena, Italy. It now comprises of approximately 3000 branches, an army of 33,000 employees, and circa 4,500,000 customers globally.

Investment Banking – A Little-Known Area of Banking You Should Know to Raise Large Sums of Money!

Need to raise large sums of capital? Then, turn to investment bankers. These are the guys that could help introduce you to larger sources of funds.

Wisconsin State Unclaimed Money

U.S. state governments have been hard pressing to return unclaimed cash and property to its rightful owners. According to a press release on March 31, 2010 by Dawn Marie Sass, State Treasurer of Wisconsin, the state treasurer’s office broke record in number of unclaimed property claims paid in one month. The entire process of claiming cash and property has become very easy. If you are a Wisconsin local, please do check your name through the list and attain the unclaimed cash and property on your name.

Unclaimed Money Now Listed in Newspapers

Unclaimed cash and property has been on a systemic rise in U.S. The amounts of unclaimed cash have grown to new heights and today U.S. government is trying its best to hand over $32.877billion to its owners. This mammoth amount of over 117 million accounts is currently being safeguarded by state treasurers and other agencies.

How Much Should You Spend on a Financial Plan?

Like many businesses these days, we track website activity, and some of the most common queries involve the cost of a financial plan. It’s a good question because there is a wide range of costs and many advisors base their fee upon time required versus offering a set price.

Benefits of Financial Services

Functioning financial markets are more than a casino. They allow people and business to use their resources where they promise them best results.

A Quick Look at Investment Strategies

Are you aware of all of the ways you can be making your money work for you? Make sure you become knowledgeable in this area. Read more about investment strategies here…

Managing Your Future Efficiently With Financial Planning Tools

Risk management is a very integral factor in all the financial planning tools. The term itself is self explanatory, but how do we go about doing it? It is not really wise to accept the risks in our lives just like that, without doing anything about them.

Financial Planning Tips For a Better Tomorrow

Are you satisfied with your financial planning or do you think that there is a good scope for improvement? Proper planning of finances and execution of plans will actually help you to improve your lifestyle. Additionally, it will also relieve you off a lot of stress.

Another Misguided Scramble For Africa? – Nigerian Banks Take Over the Continent

Most banks that have expanded globally through establishing small green field operations, have done so to support or with the support of their home country corporate base. Nigeria banks have no such luxury, as Nigeria lacks a large number of home grown multinationals that can be relied on to support fledgling banking operations.

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