XRP Case Over! Ripple Delivers Final Nail in SEC Coffin

I Was Taught to Dissect a Frog But Not My Credit Report

We can teach algebra and trigonometry in high school but we can’t teach simple personal finance to kids. That makes a lot of sense right? Something so simple but so essential to the rest of their lives is left out of the curriculum. Most of us came out of high school able to dissect a frog but not a credit report. Anyone else see something wrong with this?

Rebuilding Confidence (Tapping Into the Trusted Expertise of CPA Financial Planners)

The last few years have likely brought much angst to your clients when it comes to their personal finances. And as a trusted adviser, your clients may want to turn to you for help to deal with the aftermath of the economic fluctuations and settle their jitters. Yet too often those big personal financial planning questions go unasked.

Government Grants For Single Mothers

Single moms have to deal with different responsibilities and challenges, which are normally shared between both parents. Thanks to grants for single moms, mothers are able to take care of their children. Grants for single mothers from the government are offered in every state and there are nearly 900 different programs available.

Looking for the Silver Lining in Home Foreclosures

In this current housing market, millions of people are losing their homes and those who have not lost their homes, slowly but steadily see the value of their homes disappear until they are under water on their mortgages and are unable to sell their home for anything other than a huge loss. For most of us, our homes are our biggest investments and a loss of $50,000 to $100,000 is a hit that most people cannot absorb.

Turn On The Cash Flow Tap With Single Invoice Finance

Single invoice finance makes it so much easier for small and medium sized business owners to raise working capital. You can simply turn one or more of you unpaid invoices into cash and watch your cash flow worries disappear.

Gauging the Pulse of the Market

U.S. businesses are well-aware of this incredible window of opportunity to raise cash at rather low interest rates, because they know that this will soon give way to higher borrowing costs. As a result, many cash strapped and cash rich firms are rushing to raise capital. At the same time, commodities suggest moderation from the rapid economic growth rates in China, India and other emerging economies – a controlled slowdown is always better than a blowout at high speed.

New Requirements for Ginnie Mae Approval

On May 18, 2011, the Government National Mortgage Association (Ginnie Mae) updated Chapter 7, Application for Approval as A Ginnie Mae Issuer, in Ginnie Mae’s Mortgage-Backed Securities Guide 5500.3, Rev. 1. On the same date, Ginnie Mae revised Chapter 6 of the Handbook, Fees, which describes the fees the Issuer must pay under the MBS program. This article summarizes the recent revisions to Ginnie Mae’s eligibility requirements and application procedures.

The Pitfalls of Bridging Finance: Why You Shouldn’t Always Trust the Headline Rate

The Pitfalls of Bridging Finance: why you shouldn’t always trust the headline rate. The first question a prospective bridging borrower is concerned with is how much the monthly interest rate is. Yes, this is a significant consideration when evaluating the options available to the borrower but it fails to consider a number of aspects that can hike up the cost of bridging finance. In fact, in many cases it may be cheaper to have a higher rate of interest in order to benefit from fewer costs elsewhere. Avoiding certain pitfalls including exit fees, renewal fees, completion fees, can save unnecessary fees if you know where to look.

PR Strategy Can Improve M and A Deal Outcomes

Many merger-and-acquisition deals don’t work well because dealmakers fail to properly communicate the benefits of the deals to all stakeholders involved. This article provides tips designed to improve deal communications and produce a better outcome.

NRI Banking Services Simply Got Easier

Today the world has become a global village with NRI banking services on the rise. To avail the NRI banking services that are offered by many private financial institutions, you need to qualify as a Person of India Origin (PIO). Online money remittance is a very quick and safe way to transfer money from abroad. Also, no matter from which country you are sending in the money, the recipient of the money receives it in Indian currency only. With an NRI bank account, you can also make payment of bills to India from anywhere in the world. You can also opt for Non-Resident External (NRE) deposits and can earn interest at higher rates.

Are Brick And Mortar Banks on Their Way Out As Online Banking Has Increased in Popularity?

Electronic (e-banking) or online banking is the way to go in financial institutions which has replaced the brick and mortar banking. It is a channel that banks are exploiting profitably.

Causes and Consequences of Inflation

Inflation can be defined as a persistent increase in the general level of prices. ‘Persistent’ alerts us to one important feature of inflation: it occurs over several periods. ‘General’ alerts us to another: inflation occurs throughout the economy, with the prices of many items rising in the same period. Inflation reduces the value of money because each dollar buys less.

KYC Compliance Mandate – What Are the Required Documents?

KYC compliance is a mandate that the world demands from financial institutions worldwide. KYC compliance is a mainly presented on the risk mitigation platform.

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