Worlds MOST VIEWED Crypto Super Bowl Commercials (Bitboy Reactions!)

Uranium Funds – New Game Changers for the New Year

This deficit may be clearly understood through the supply and demand figures from United States of America which houses 104 under operation nuclear power reactors. The reactors collectively produced only 4mllb of Uranium in 2012, while consuming 55mllb during the same year.

Characteristics Of The Precious Metal Gold

This article describes what gold is, it’s attributes and why it is so valuable. It details how gold is measured, and what 24K means. Learn the forms of gold that are available for investment.

How Banks Create Money Out of Nothing

One of the biggest misconceptions that people have about the way banks create money is that the central bank simply prints more of it in the form of paper bills and coins. In actuality, the amount of currency circulating in the financial system amounts to just a fraction of the amount of money recorded by banks in their books. The rest is created by banks, essentially out of nothing. How do the banks do this? Here is a brief overview.

What’s in Your Stimulus Package?

Here are 5 easy tips to stimulate your economy. Stay calm. If you are panicked, you will not be healthy.

Reaching Your Financial Freedom

Seems a very common question, right? Everyone, if not all, are in this dilemma, especially those who are financially challenged. Reaching for one’s financial freedom is something everyone is dying to have. Who doesn’t want to live a life with no debts to think about before going to sleep at night? And, who doesn’t want to experience a life where you can buy what you want and go to places you want to go without any financial boundaries?

4 Investing Principles of the Rich

I’m sharing with you the most important lesson in becoming wealthy. By understanding these four principles, you can become very well off and very fast. Although these concepts are not “secret”, they are not well understood by most people. Take time to understand them and you’ll prosper.

Top Three Markets Of South East Asia

The mood seems to be quite upbeat for ASEAN capital markets and investing in South East Asian ETFs (a visible trend of the past year) will rise further in all likelihood. The region which will inhabit more than 300 million middle class families by 2015 is attracting a fair amount of foreign investments through institutionalised channels and interestingly through the broader options. Foreign Investors including Americans vested in South East Asia markets are now looking beyond exclusive Singapore ETFs and towards wide spectrum products that are centric on fast emerging markets like Indonesia, Malaysia and even frontier nations like Cambodia which has posted one of the strongest economic growth figures for 2012.

Significant Moves of Banking Industry Towards Better Service Delivery

Banking industry has witnessed significant growth in terms of business levels. It has expanded its capacity and extended its muscles to the widest horizons. It is now preparing for new challenges and tides that can shape the future of communities and economies.

Online Mobile Recharge Is Quick and Convenient

Online mobile recharge is one of the services offered by leading banks in India. In recent times, mostly all of us possess a mobile phone. And why not, a powerful device that instantly gets us connected to our loved ones anytime of the day or night, mobile phones let us access dozens of applications via the internet as well as enables them to buzz on the social networking circuit too often.

Post-Holiday Budget Crunch Fashion Thrift Tips

The winter holiday season is known for being a killer on the average fashion college student’s finances. However, with these thrift shopping tips you can save money AND continue to look super stylish in the year 2013.

Confusing Financial Terms Explained

Some financial terms may be a bit hard to understand or you may just need a little clarification. Below is a list of a few terms with a brief explanation to hopefully help you out.

Mortgage Brokers – More Reasons Why You Should Use Them

In my previous article ‘Mortgage Brokers – Should You Use Them?’, I discussed two reasons why using a mortgage broker really is a wise decision. One was to provide you with a choice of lenders – up to thirty in fact! The second was that each lender has a different policy and brokers know which lenders will help you achieve your financial goals. In this article I will be presenting more reasons why using a mortgage broker makes good sense. I hope by the time you have finished reading this article you will be thoroughly convinced that you should always use a broker when you are seeking finance.

Small Business Accounting: Raising Funds and Getting Started

As we begin to pull out of the recession entrepreneurs are starting and expanding businesses at an accelerated pace. Unfortunately they are finding that traditional sources for raising capital are increasingly difficult to come by. Banks have tightened their lending policies. At the same time many seeking funds are suffering from poor credit ratings resulting from difficulties experienced during the recession. The convergence of these factors is a perfect storm that is creating opportunities for alternative lending and funding providers.

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