Why You Should Limit Risky Investments

Five Unique Opportunities an Individual Can Potentially Pursue In Order To Improve Income

Many individuals are looking to improve their financial standing by finding their unique ways to save money or discover new opportunities to increase their income. Saving money can often be a difficult goal to accomplish; therefore developing new resources of income is a path that a large percentage of these individuals pursue.

What Is The Best Time To Buy Gold?

There are many people out there who think they have missed the boat on investing in gold and silver. Those people just look at the prices back 15+ years ago. Take a gallon of gas for instance – 10+ years ago gas was $.99 per gallon and now we are looking at $4.00. That surge in price is called inflation and is all relative in regards to gold and silver. People, you have not missed the boat. The boat’s ropes are coming undone but it has not pulled away from the dock yet.

The Impact of Greece on the AUD

Forex prices are often affected by macroeconomic information, including interest rates, GDP growth, unemployment rates and inflation, and political and economic news can also cause intermittent spikes. Although this hasn’t affected the Australian economy at the time of writing, excluding the foreign exchange rates, the fear is that Greece’s instability has the potential to spread to other economies. Already Greece is a part of the eurozone, and the euro has suffered its biggest one-day drop since early May.

Anatomy of the Banknote

The transition between ‘receipt’ and legal tender was fraught with problems. The first bore nothing more than a picture depicting merchants, and a certain number of coins that corresponded with the amount represented. Printing up bogus copies would have been easy enough for anyone with a printing press. To be clear, in the days of the 7th century, printing presses were not exactly household items.

Expat Financial Services

Being an expat can be a very exciting and rewarding experience. The enjoyment of learning and communicating in a new language, meeting and interacting with individuals of different nationalities, for British Expats a climate which includes sunshine and the chance to see different cultures and a way of life are amongst the benefits.

The Forex Market: A Fiscal Foundation for International Stabilization

While the average person has a basic understanding of the process of exchanging one currency to another, few people outside the financial industry really grasp the importance of the foreign exchange market, often referred to as the Forex market. Opening at 5 PM ET on Sunday and ending Friday at 5 PM ET, this market provides the most accessibility out of any financial enterprise by focusing on the facilitation of international trade and investment through an over-the-counter, decentralized system that converts one currency to another.

The New Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

The Consumer Financial Protection Act of 2010, Title X of the Dodd-Frank Act, established the Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection. On July 21, 2011, the rulemaking powers for most consumer financial protection laws will be consolidated and transferred from the following agencies to the Bureau…

Are There Financial Help Options for Your Green Business?

First, you have brought a lot of hope for the society by going green. The size of your enterprise does not matter because you can get financial help in many avenues. Most of these are funded by the state while others are under the non-governmental organizations that aim at promoting a greener society.

Is Smart Personal Financial Management Supposed to Be Entirely About Frugality?

When magazines and TV shows get on a subject, there’s no getting them off it. Shouldn’t pieces done in these media on personal budgeting give it a rest telling people to lay off the Starbucks lattes every morning because it makes no financial sense today to lay out five dollars every day for this luxury? While lattes are undoubtedly the favorite whipping boy with all gurus in personal financial management, there are other well-frequented expenses that they like to bring in for variety too from time to time – vacations, shopping for groceries without coupons, eating out, cable TV, smartphone…

A Mortgage Refinance in Retirement – Good Idea or Bad?

Interest rates today are lower than anyone can ever remember having seen before. At no time has a mortgage refinance made so much sense – especially for people over 55 who may be looking at their anemic retirement savings and hoping for a way to get it back into shape. For people to take up something as huge as a mortgage refinance close to retirement has always been considered a terrible move.

Does a Cheap Financial Investment Advice Service Exist for the Rest of Us?

If we had someone who worked for us offering financial investment advice and he did as poorly as we usually do with our own money, he would be on the street in 5 minutes. Most of us have so little understanding of how finance works that our instincts are usually way off base. We end up buying when the prices are at their highest and selling when they are at their lowest point.

Teaching Teens Financial Independence

If you have teenagers, and you just hand them money when they need it, you are doing them a big disservice. This is the prime time in life for them to learn about financial independence and how to take care of themselves when they are on their own. Teens should have their own money, but they should also learn to value it.

Could We End Up With a Gold-Back Monetary System?

Economists believe 20 year anniversaries are important and we have now had four of these anniversaries since 1931 when effectively the monetary system last collapsed after Austria became bankrupt, followed by Germany and then Great Britain. The similarities between then and now are clear to see so, could we see a return to a gold standard system in 2014, 100 years after the last collapse?

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