How Does Asset Protection Differ From Estate and Financial Planning?

You may hear the mention of asset protection when you’re discussing estate planning, but realize that asset protection has a distinctly different goal. Let’s consider what each does and doesn’t do to clear our conceptions of each.

Difference Between a Personal Audit and a Business Audit

The term “audit” lends itself to a variety of situations that may not be considered when first considered. Most people probably think of the standard IRS audit – the process by which an individual’s tax return in put into question and their financial background is probed and prodded until their actual body displays soreness.

Ordering Custom Checks For Personal Or Business Use

Whether you need checks for your business or for personal use, custom checks can make a big impression. These details will give you a professional feel.

Are You Incorporating Income And Opportunity Cost Into Your Financial Planning Strategies?

By incorporating income and opportunity cost into your financial planning strategies, you can regain control of your financial future. You can learn how by understanding prosperity economics.

Financial Property Management

Finding a company that can provide you with professional property management services can be somewhat of a challenge these days. Everyone promises to lead you with the utmost professionalism and then falls short of their promises. You need a reliable company to deal with your property management, one that’s been in the business for several years and has a solid dependable reputation.

Personal Finance Strategies for Newlyweds

You had your dream wedding and you have become a couple with dual incomes and mutual responsibilities. Financial strategy is not the most romantic top that you can discuss as a newlywed but it’s definitely a top priority. You both want to enjoy your lives together and plan for that comfortable retirement.

The Hidden Costs of Sending Money Internationally

There are certain fees associated with money transfers that you should know before sending your money overseas. These fees can be broken down into three different components: The cost of sending money, exchanging money and receiving money.

Scottish Trust Deeds: What Is a Protected Trust Deed?

If you have too much debt to pay back, you can apply for a Scottish Trust Deed or even a Protected Trust Deed if your debts are over £8,000. You can save losing your house under new Scots Law and come to an arrangement to repay your debtors for 36 months, after which any remaining debt is written off.

We Owe It To Our Children To Teach Them Money Management Skills

Life can be interesting. When things happen in our life, we might see them one way, but God sees them from a totally different perspective. One example of this can be our children. For many of us, our children were “accidents,” or unplanned. Yet, they were part of God’s plan from the beginning. Each of us has been designed by God with a purpose. We need to look carefully at how we handle the responsibility at hand.

Proposed Alternative Definitions for Qualified Mortgage

The Dodd-Frank Act prohibits a creditor from making a residential mortgage loan unless the creditor makes a reasonable and good faith, verified determination that the consumer has a reasonable ability to repay the loan. This determination of a consumer’s ability to repay must be based on the following factors: the consumer’s current and expected income and other financial resources excluding equity in the dwelling which secures the loan; employment status; payment of the loan based on a fully amortizing payment schedule and the fully-indexed rate; payment of any simultaneous liens; payment of applicable taxes, insurance and assessments; the consumer’s current obligations; the consumer DTI ratio or residual income; and the consumer’s credit history.

Is The Goal of Becoming A Millionaire Achievable?

Many people wish to become a millionaire. But not all are doing their job to achieve it. Only a few have been successful in reaching this goal. Some are content just betting on the lottery and not finding ways to earn more income than what they normally get.

Save More Money With Planning

You have probably heard the saying “if you don’t plan, then you plan to fail”. The same can be said when you are trying to save money. You will save more money if you have a plan that you can follow.

From Fool To Fortune Part Three – The Invasion of Family Virtues With Electronic Images

The relationship between parental control and family virtues to television during the baby boomer generation is a major factor in the generation gap that occurred in the 1960s. See in brief format how the ideas on TV changed the way we live.

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