Why Investors Should Go Against The Grain: DON’T FOLLOW THE MASSES

Residual Income and the Need for It

Residual Income is income that is generated continuously, though the effort to earn it has ceased. It is also referred to as passive income. The more easily understood and self-explanatory term, recurring income is also used.

Offshore Loans: Borrowing Responsibly Anywhere in the Modern World

Loans are commonplace in the modern financial system. They are useful for many purposes.

Should an Organization Design Its Own Online Billing Solution?

Many organizations of varying sizes and type may think that a lot of money can be saved by not only providing an online means for customers to pay their invoices or bills, but by building such a system themselves-in-house. In this brief article, we look at the six major issues that need to be considered before choosing to go down this path.

A Blessing in Disguise

During the past couple of years, almost all key sectors of the industry have passed through recession. This pushed companies to the wall to sustain their growth. But even during those difficult days of the slowdown, there were many companies which tried to apply various corrective measures to benefit from the slowdown.

Cheapest Way to Safely Send Money Overseas

There are now so many ways to send money overseas but it can be difficult to figure out how to do so cheaply yet safely. This article outlines some of the new methods available and discusses the sometimes hidden costs associated with transferring money whether you are sending it home or whether you are just paying for an item you have purchased.

Your Roth IRA Income Limits in 2011

This article will give you much more detail specifically as to how to determine your taxable income, why it is important, and how this affects your contribution amounts. Taxable Income Having a Roth IRA is a great opportunity to set yourself or your family up for retirement, and given the importance of this, the opportunity is geared more towards lower-middle income citizens…

The Role of Sustainability in Private Equity’s Introduction to America

Are sustainability initiatives relevant to the media attention private equity fund managers seem likely to face this year? Read the full article below for more information on how sustainability is becoming increasingly important in private equity.

GBP/JPY Poised for a Surge

By making itself available for a serious jump the GBP/JPY is reaching a low not seen in almost a year. Going long in this pair has been the position of many who have determined that this pair is not going anywhere but up in the near future, and they appear to be right.

Using Your Line of Credit to Pay Down Credit Card Balances? Good or Bad?

Canadians are still chalking up debt, but there is some encouraging news on the credit front. Canadians are starting to pay down their credit cards. This is according to a recent report from Equifax Canada. The report states that the average Canadian cut back 3.4 percent from their credit card debt this past year (2011).

Finding a Good Business to Business Collection Agency

Business to business debt collections can be really difficult, especially if it is your first such experience. Hiring a business to business collection agency to perform this daunting task can be a good idea. They are professionals in this field and have the required expertise to successfully collect the money from the debtor.

Three Things You Can Do With Others To Tackle The Financial Crisis

The financial crisis has resulted in loss of jobs and personal savings, and huge damage to business confidence. To get greater economic growth some want to encourage the profit motive and reduce regulation by government. But it is precisely the failures of international financial regulation that had led directly to the crisis. Arguably, what is needed is ethical financial policies. No single person can make things better. But here are some suggestions about what you can do with others to tackle the problem.

Info About Sequestration And Scottish Trust Deed

There’s a wide portion of society today, that is suffering underneath the weight of personal debts. Whenever you face sequestration, you will get relief from a Scottish trust deed, which could ease creditors. The main advantage of the Scottish trust deed is it is an agreement that’s legally binding, wherein you are able to pay off your arrears and debts. However, bear in mind; it can hide to 90%, and not all of your debts.

Why New Business Models For US Banks?

Reportedly, second and third quarter was an impressive period of significant improvements for the US banks, but still we get to hear some news about the stocks of large banks that declined by more than 20 percent. This is happening since the beginning of the third quarter and four out of every five people are trading below the book value. Do you know why?

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