Why Bitcoin & Stocks Will Decouple

Be Confident That You’ve Put Your Proposals for Government Grants in Capable Hands

Government grants aren’t always easy to obtain. There are many qualified and worthy individuals and organizations competing for them. That’s why a well-written and persuasive application can make all the difference. Drafting a grant proposal, however, is no short order. Many organizations turn to professional grant writers when applying for government grants.

Keeping Away from the Joneses: Avoiding the “Affluenza” Epidemic

So you’re out mowing your lawn one day. You happen to glance up from your beat-up old mower across the street, where your neighbor is pulling into his driveway in a brand new luxury sedan while a team of hired gardeners carefully manicure his lush green yard.

Property Rights and the EU

The European Community (also referred to as the European Economic Community) has as its task the establishment of a common market and the progressive approximation of the economic policies of Member States.

Is Your Intention to Retire with a Pension; What Pension?

If it is your intention to retire with a pension then perhaps you might wish to give some attention to the current reality of pension retention. What I am saying is that many people think that they are going to retire with a pension, but that pension may not be there when they do and it certainly may not be the kind of money they thought.

Mortgage Broker Bonds – Highly Requested Types of Surety Bonds

In today’s competitive and unstable economical climate, surety bonds play a crucial role, guaranteeing for the respecting of payments, the fulfilling of certain roles or other terms stipulated in legal agreements. Surety bonds can take a wide range of forms, serving for a

Business Banking Basics

One of the most important features of large and small business is to have good business banking. Good business banking will allow the money within your company to flow, and will greatly save you time and money

Finding a Lender for Your Remodeling and Home Improvement Project

If you’ve been dying thinking about how wonderful it would be to have your home remodeled in the image of your dreams, then the next step will be how to get an appropriate lender for your needs. For those new to the lingo, it would be very easy to get lost amidst the sea of terms and concepts related to lending – and we haven’t even gone to which lender would be best for you. So if you are new to the lending biz, here are a few tips to help guide you on your way.

How To Get Grants – Some Tips

This article is aimed to inform grant seekers of the number of and ease of opportunities with which grants can be found. Furthermore, it emphasizes the importants of applying for grants now, as opposed to later when grants will most likely be in shorter supply and will decline in value. Towards the bottom, some helpful hints on how to apply for grants are included that, when read, will seem intuitive, but, nonetheless, are rarely followed.

Meet the Financial Needs of your Business Despite Adverse Credit with Bad Credit Business Loans

Not all businesses run smoothly all the time. Every now and then there are hurdles to cross and to cross them a business needs finance. But what if your business has already a few outstanding loans and your credit history is not very impressive? Don’t worry. There is still a solution: bad credit business loans.

Make Money the Right Way

Do what you love. Do it legally. Provide real value. Enhance your life as you work in a profession that fills you up instead of sucking the life out of you. Lots of people work in jobs they hate due to a feeling of obligation and a lack of hope. You can make your dreams come true, but doing that usually involves working in a field that provides value to others and at the same time is enjoyable to you.

Government Grants for New Applicants!

There is a lot written on the net about government grants, however, since applying for government grants is rather complicated you may get yourself lost with so much information. This article intends to explain the basics about government grants, where to find them and what is needed to get approved.

Banking Alternatives: Do You Need A Bank?

Although there are viable alternatives to traditional banking, perhaps the best way to save yourself time and money is to have a combination of accounts. If you are eligible for a credit union, then saving with them is probably the best option

The Anatomy of a Dollar Bill

Greenbacks. Moolah. Dough. Benjamins. All nicknames for the one thing we’re all in an endless quest to get more of – cash money. It’s as much a part of our everyday lives as is sleep, food, even breathing. But have you ever really stopped to take a look at these little green monsters that seem to run our lives?

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