A Neat Trick For Paying Your Bills on Time But Not Too Early

I learned this from my mother in law of all people. We’re a farm family and have to write a lot of big checks from our operating loan. If you send the payment early that means you’re paying interest on that big payment sooner than you would have to. But, I don’t like to think I may miss a payment due date and get a late fee, so I tend to write out my check payments right away when I get the bill. But I don’t want to send them now, I want to wait. So here’s what she taught me.

Money Vs Other Stuff – How To Know What To Run After

It’s common knowledge that people often lose their heads when it comes to money. Gambling, buying lottery tickets and credit card debt are a few examples of how irrational thinking can damage lives when it comes to finances. This article addresses how to assign priorities in your quest for cash!

No Chexsystems Checking Account

A lot of people are burdened with the Chexsystems list. You might not know what it is, but some people refer to it as having bad credit and not being able to get a checking account. When banks deny you a checking account, it is because they saw your name on the Chexsystems list.

Under Capitalized Banks and Non Core Deposits

Many people don’t worry about the capitalization of a bank. However, it is a good harbinger of distress and if not corrected early and quickly, many under capitalized banks fail. Under capitalized banks are able to use a rate listing service to attract certificate of deposits (CD’s).

What I Would Love to Teach My Kids About Money

I love to manage money and if I could give my kids the right tools to keep their financial lives on track, I think it would be a great gift. I don’t want to make them obsessive, just careful.

Two Types of Surety Bonds

Surety bonds are a type of bond involving three parties. Two common types of surety bonds are contract bonds and bail bonds.

401K Audit Form 5500 – Selecting a Qualified Auditor

Generally, Federal law requires 401k plans with 100 or more participants to have an audit as part of their obligation to file an annual return/report (Form 5500 Series). If your employee benefit plan is required to have an audit, one of the most important duties of the plan administrator is to hire an independent qualified public accountant.

The Financial Aspects of a Business

When starting a business the biggest factor that determines the success of your business is in fact money, and how much you have of it. The financial aspects are worked on the most on any business, because the whole purpose of the business is all around finance and how to deal with it.

How to Use QuickBooks For Job Costing – Understanding Job Cost Reports

This is the fourth of a four-part series about how to use QuickBooks for job costing. Intuit, the creators of QuickBooks, has also asked me to present a series of free Small Business Town Hall covering the same topics every Tuesday this month.

SSS Inquiry – A Quick Easy Process

The Social Security Service system works as easy as 1,2 and 3. Even if you are just trying to apply for the service, it would only require you to fill up a few forms,

Cyprus Offshore Banking

What makes Cyprus an ideal offshore banking and tax haven location? This small country is famous for being one of the least taxed nations in the entire world, and has the least amount of taxes out of the entire twenty five European Union member states.

Good Finance

Having a good financial situation can be very crucial to a lot of things in your life including your relationships. If you were unaware of that then let me explain.

Always Use Protection!

How banks and mortgage companies, as well as borrowers can benefit from “Pre-Workout Agreements,” which are agreements entered into between lender and borrower, before discussing a special payment plan, arrangement to make up back payments. Article describes why agreements are necessary, how they should be used, and problems when they are not used.

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