The “Bear” Took Us to 1997 Levels

It seemed like the bottom had fallen out for stock markets across the globe. By that measure this looked like it is awful times for investor portfolios, but on the other hand it’s like winding back the clock 10 years and saying to most retail investors out there “OK you should have been investing, but you haven’t so here you go have another chance!”

Finding a Fresh Path For the New Year

The past year has been very rough on traditional investors; investments have blown up in the faces of people who had been religiously putting funds in 401(k) plans and IRAs and chances are their home values have crumbled around them as well. Thousands more got caught in a layoff and are now forced to use what is left of their savings to simply survive, while thousands more have lost their homes to foreclosure.

How You Can Improve Your Lifestyle Even When Your a Single Mom

Most single mothers have a hard time working in order to put food on the table. Often, they do not have the time to actually look into grants that could help them but in fact there are a lot. Applying for grants is never a waste of your time because they will be giving you money.

Our Friend The Reserve Study

If you are like most people, you might ask “what is a reserve study and why do I care?” Let’s take a minute to understand what it is and why it is important. A Reserve Study, commonly called an RS, is a technical and financial analysis of assets within a common interest development (CID) such as a timeshare resort, condominium complex or condo hotel.

Grant Aid For Single Mothers

If you want to get grants for single mothers, you have a few options. You can look to see what sort of aid programs the government is currently offering. You can also check out the various grant programs listed by private organizations. There are more than a few of these out there that are available for you to find.

Getting Grants For Single Mothers

Grants for single mothers can allow moms looking for an opportunity to do something they can’t afford, possible. What sort of grants are available to single moms who have financial need? There are grants available for education, business, and goods and service purchases.

How to Get Government Help For Single Mothers

If you are looking for government help for single mothers, there are a few options you have to seek out. You can look at getting a government grant, federal welfare, or even some sort of subsidy to help pay some of the bills.

Sound Money Versus Weak Money

Japan has a Sound Economy, and USA does not. Why? You are going to find out soon…

How to Get the Funds You Need For Your Organization

Non-profit organizations have a common goal. That is to be of service to more people. But how can they survive without funds to get their resources from and continue operations?

Income – Type of Income

Do you think like I do? That residual income is an income which relates to the term; customer retention, as we need customers, who are friends, supporters or simply buyers; to come back to the same source, the same supplier and the same seller.

Jamaican Money History Pre-Emancipation

An in depth review of Jamaican money and the development of a legal tender currency used in the island since the 17th century. A guide to the development of bank notes in the country and the migration from coins to paper money in Jamaica.

Changing and Moving the World Through International Trade Finances

The ever changing financial necessities made the average enterprises demand something that could figure out and hold their financial status through international trade finances. Exports in USA are like having a bonanza with a lot of medium-sized businesses (MEs) making advantage of all the progressive opportunities for expansion in Americas and beyond. Exports are boosting, imports are also steadily incrementing as American companies are constantly facing the international trade to find sources of raw materials.

Recognition and Standard of PRM, FRM, and ERP

The global recognition of certifications as well as the standards set by those certifications can be very important to your organization. Let’s find out how the PRM, FRM, and ERP measure up.

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