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Streamlining Your Trading System

Investors globally utilize a variety of different strategies when trading in financial markets. While no one strategy is the correct one, as varying strategies can be useful at different points of time or in connection with an individual investor’s risk tolerance, maintaining a trading strategy often allows an investor to have predefined goals and reactions to market fluctuations that prevent them from becoming frozen as a result of financial markets not moving in the direction that they believe they will.

Should I Sell My Equity Stocks Now?

Articles highlights the current scenario wherein some investors are wondering what to do with equity stocks which are lying idle with them,its analyses investor mentality. And in the end also suggests a solution.

2012 Olympics and the Translation Services

Common sense says we should see a connection between enlarged tourist figures and income. If we ingest the numbers from last Olympian games as an estimate, Beijing had around 600,000 external visitors during the games and it added an excessive…

Operating Income Margin

Operating income margin can be an indicator of markup that is applied in the company. If we have high markup, we make high operating income margin. Markup is the amount of money that is added to the costs of goods that are held for selling.

Quantitative Investing – A Misunderstood Science

We often hear about the two most common investment methodologies and philosophies, one is fundamental and the other is technical. I am here to introduce, demystify and educate people on the often misunderstood philosophy of quantitative investing. Quantitative investing seeks to reduce potentially adverse human biases, and bases investment decisions solely on the data – just the facts; it is emotionless and disciplined.

Don’t Go Into Battle Alone

It is a hard spot in life when you are forced to recoup child custody from an unwilling ex. You may not have sufficient money on your own, and you need it for your kids, as well as to support the basic costs of life. There can be difficult emotions embroiled in the fight, painful to relive because it summons up what might be a troubling past, in addition to being plain-old unnecessary and time consuming, You’ve got bigger things to worry about, and this shouldn’t be your problem.

You Crashed Your Car – You Don’t Have Car Insurance

You can not afford to drive without car insurance. Just think, for one second, if you were in an accident and at fault: could you pay for the damages to your car, the other persons car and an injury should you be at fault, out of pocket? Most of us could not. Be sure you understand the risk of driving without insurance.

What You Need to Know Before Capital Raising

Everyone needs money to run a company. This money is called Capital. No one can start a business without capital. It’s a fuel that drives the company and determines the future of the company. There are various ways of capital raising. If you are the sole person starting the business, you will have to put the money on your own. This money can be taken as a loan from a bank, from a relative, etc. Similarly if you are a CEO of a company and need money to start a new project or launch a new product, you will have to raise capital.

Understanding The Foundation Of Value

As you’ve likely heard me say previously, the way to create wealth in the stock market is by buying good and great companies at good and great prices. It is virtually impossible for even the greatest of investors to always get good and great companies at the lowest prices – and the simple fact is that great investors like Warren Buffett know this, and are hence willing to pick up good and great companies at good prices than let the opportunity pass them by.

Roth Conversion Basics

Pick up any financial journal or periodical and you are almost sure to find something about Roth IRAs. Roth conversions are one of the hottest topics you will find and for good reason. Almost everyone will agree that tax-free earnings are a good thing.

Be Super Smart: Ensure Your Super Is On Target

The fact that you are managing-or at least considering managing-your own super fund, means you are comfortable with taking control of your own retirement fund. This doesn’t mean you are on your own. There are people and tools you can use to make sure your super is working as hard to meet your financial goals as you as you are to make those super contributions.

Bill Paying and Tipping Etiquette

It would be very nice if eating out were free. In reality, someone must pay for the dinner as well as the tip to the servers. Paying the bill and leaving the right tip are very often an area of concern or confusion.

Do You Have To Live Within Your Means?

I was looking over a New York Times article about “living within your means” when it comes to credit and credit cards. And I have to say that in some ways I totally disagree with this concept based on a few key points.

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