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Bond Valuation Explained

How much should you be willing to pay for a bond? A bond’s value is based on the future cash flows you will earn by owning the bond. Where do the future cash flows come from? They come from 1) the coupon payments which represent cash earnings for the holder of the bond, and 2) the repayment of principal (“face value” of the bond).

Receive High Returns With Shares Investments

Investing in shares isn’t as taboo as people think. It is an exciting and opportunistic time to be involved in a company’s growth and profit. You don’t need a lot of money to begin and the share market gives you flexibility to sell or buy as you choose.

NetSpend Prepaid Debit Card Vs Rushcard

If you are looking for a great prepaid debit card with no or low fees which would you choose? NetSpend Prepaid Debit Card or the Rushcard? Some prepaid debit cards are easy to obtain but have plenty of fees associated with their use. Here are your best options.

Why Outsourced Bookkeeping Is a Smart Choice for Small Businesses?

Outsourced bookkeeping companies are the best choice for a company wanting to achieve results within a limited budget. That is why outsourcing bookkeeping is now a sort of favorite business practice for small and medium sized businesses. Nothing saves accounting costs like outsourced bookkeeping.

Payback Period and Discounted Payback Period Explained

Whenever you set up a business, you spend money in the form of capital. Of course, you don’t mind budgeting this money for the business because you hope that you will get your money back from the earnings or cash flow of the business. The question is, how quickly do you get it back?

Capital Structure and Debt Policy: A Basic Overview

We’ve all been told since childhood that debt is bad and that it can make you poor. However, in traditional corporate finance, it is actually believed that more debt is good! Note that I say “traditional” because a more modern view by Modigliani and Miller says that it doesn’t matter whether a company has more debt or less debt. But it still doesn’t support your parents’ “no debt” advice!

Selling Structured Settlement Payments: Part 2 – Understanding the Present Value of Future Payments

As called for in a structured settlement, individuals are designated to receive future payments. The payments are issued via an annuity purchased from a large, relatively safe insurance company. Recipients of structured settlement payments sometimes decide that there is an important need to receive settlement funds before the scheduled payment dates.

How to Value a Company: Business Valuation Explained

Let’s say I owned a business in the form of a neighborhood shop. To set up that shop, I spent $1,000 last year on equipment and other assets. The equipment and other assets have depreciated by 10% in one year, so now it is worth only $900 in the accounting books. If I were to try to sell you this business, how much would an accountant value it? Simple! $900. The cost of all the assets (less liabilities, if any) will give accountants the “book value” of the business, and this is traditionally how accountants would value a business or company. (We use the word “book” value because the value of the assets are written in the company’s accounting “books.”) However, what if this company is earning a juicy cash profit of $2,000 per year? You would be getting a mighty good deal if I sold it to you for only $900, right? I, on the other hand, would be getting a pretty sour deal if I sold it to you for its book value of only $900, because then I’d get $900 but I’d lose $2,000 per year!

What Is the Present Value of a Perpetuity Formula and What Are Perpetuities?

First of all, what is the ordinary meaning of “perpetuity?” It simply means “forever.” So in finance, what do we mean by this same concept? Well, imagine I gave you a piece of paper or certificate, and that paper promised that I would pay you a fixed amount every year, forever. That piece of paper is called a “perpetuity.”

How Many Bills or Invoices Are Sent Out Each Year and to Whom Are They Sent?

Electronic billing has been around in one form or another for over a decade now but according to the Swiss billing research firm Billentis, the penetration of e-bills versus traditional bills remains relatively weak. They estimate the proportion of e-bills to be anywhere between 4% and 9% of the total invoices sent out, but even this range applies only in relatively large businesses (and is increasingly invisible in medium and small businesses), making the overall take up perhaps nearer half of these figures. Furthermore, the proportional take-up of e-billing varies greatly in the two major parts of the market-the Business to Consumer or B2C market, and the Business to Business or B2B market. In this brief article, the aim will therefore be to try to quantify the relative size of the billing market, or perhaps more simply to determine just how many individual bills or invoices are sent out each year and to whom they are sent.

How to Organize Your Business Finances

Knowing how to organize your business finances can help you to save time and money. By taking the time to follow these simple tips, you can strengthen both the financial health of your business and its cash flow.

The US Debt Disease

Read any introductory college economics book you wish, most will tell you that there is no way the amount of public debt can outstrip the productive capacity of a wealthy, developed nation like the United States. Just five year ago this claim may have been plausible but at present the US has realized a public debt of over $15 trillion-an amount roughly 100 percent of GDP! So those same books will go on to tell you how bankruptcy is a trifling concept to the Federal Government, subheadings: Refinancing and Taxation.

How To Get Yourself To Make Money Fast, The Simple Truth

A lot has been written on how to make money. A lot has been written on how to get money. So how do you get yourself to make money fast?

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