Reasons Why Risk Control And Cutting Losses Are Important To Market Trend Investors

It is truly surprising how stocks can move so fast. Before a person has time to think, a stock can change substantially. This is in large part a factor as to why complaints surrounding the viability of stock investing is usually related to the heavy losses that can be suffered in the span of a singe day.

What Is A Trend Following Investment Strategy? What It Does And 3 Things It Won’t Be

What is a trend following investment strategy? Well, a trend following investment strategy is essentially the systemic practice of investing in the market on the basis of trends. It uses developments in the market to the best interests of the investor regardless of what is going on.

The Differences Between Wills And Trusts

The difference between a will and a trust is night and day in terms of probate avoidance. Probate is where a California court supervises the distribution of your estate once you pass away. Unfortunately, due to budget cutbacks related to California’s recent economic woes, the probate process will take two years on average and between 6-8% of your estate’s value. For these reasons, many Californians seek to avoid it.

Standardization of Financial Institutions and Banking Bodies

Banking institutions, capital markets and financial bodies are facing a tough time and are looking for holistic strategies to bridge the rapid widening economic gaps. Along with their critical services and operations like cash management, wealth management, loans, online transaction, trading, payments, lending, asset management and compliance, they also need to focus on customer beneficiary products and fresh set of services that can fulfill rising demands.

Spreadsheets Can Destroy Your Investment Portfolio

Testing and forecasting is tricky and can often lead to inferior investing results. Learn the pitfalls and benefits of using past history.

Cognitive Biases and Shortcomings That Affect Your Ability to Trade

Playing the stock market as a day trader or over the longer term is something that requires a lot of skill, knowledge and patience, as well as a keen analytical mind. However these aren’t the only factors that will impact on your ability to make the right decisions when trading. In order for you to use your brain as a powerful analytical machine you see, you need to be free from distractions and it needs to be operating as efficiently as it possibly can be -free from emotional biases and issues that can stand in your way.

Recapitalization to Raise Capital for Your Business

What is a recapitalization? Recapitalization occurs when a corporation reorganizes its ownership structure. For instance, it may divide its stock into two classes: preferred stock and common stock.

Modern MicroCredit – Elegant Theories of Economics

“All we are doing is telling beggars that, well, since you go house to house begging, would you like to take some merchandise with you, some cookies, some candy, something? A typical loan for a beggar is something like $12. With $12, she has a basket of merchandise she carries around and goes house to house. Today, we have more than 80,000 beggars in the program, many of them have already quit begging completely” – Dr. Muhammad Yunus

Purchase Order Financing – A Powerful Resource for American Business

Purchase Order (PO) Financing is designed to assist businesses that must pay their suppliers BEFORE they can ship to and invoice their customers. It is ideal for companies in industries such as manufacturing, importing, wholesale distribution, etc. In the right circumstances, PO Financing can be a powerful and useful financial tool.

Why Referenda Are a BAD IDEA

It may not seem like an obvious question to pose but just occasionally the actions of our political leaders do lead me to ask exactly who won the civil war. Was it parliament – who had the organisation and the strong views, or was it the King who had popular support, emotion and divine right on his side. Conventionally we pretend that Parliament won and that representative democracy is the result.

5 Things You Should Know Before You Visit A Financial Consultant

All financial planners are not created equal, but there are some things that you can do to help yourself when it comes to selecting the right professional to manage your money. Look for the traits that will enable your planner to be as successful as possible with your money and make sure you are not putting yourself in a limiting situation.

What Is The Motivation Behind Your Gift?

After Jacob left Laban’s employ, he prepared to go home. Jacob worried about how his brother, Esau, would react to his return. He feared that Esau would attack him and his family. In an effort to make peace, Jacob sent his servants ahead of him with gifts to offer Esau. As we consider Jacob’s situation in Genesis 32:20, we can reflect on how we approach our own relationships. What are the motivations behind the gifts we give?

Take The Temperature Of Your Company’s Financial Health

In any business, a clear understanding of the company’s actual financial performance is critical to success. Measurement strategies and tools should be implemented to track and interpret the numbers generated by a business.

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