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Economic Recovery Aids Invoice Factoring Companies

Big businesses as well as small businesses have been struggling to survive the current economy. But small business owners do not have the resources that larger businesses have. This is why so many small businesses have gone out of business during 2009, while many others used invoice factoring as a strategy to stay in business.

Year-End Checklist For Business Owners and Investors

Bookkeeping is one of the keys to bringing a tax strategy full circle. It’s one thing to know what’s deductible and how to maximize your deductions, but unless that gets reflected in your bookkeeping, it’s as if the tax planning never happened at all.

Who Can I Trust in the Financial Services Industry?

Over the last ten years so many people in financial services have been untrustworthy. Here are some guidelines to help you sort the good guys from the bad.

Finance Blogs – 3 Ways You Can Make Money From Them

Nowadays most internet users are familiar with the concept of online blogs. Indeed a lot of people run their own blog, whether it’s a personal blog or a blog discussing a certain subject. However in this article I want to talk about the various different ways you can make money from a personal finance blog.

Methods to a Multi-Step Income Statement

An income statement consist of two categories; revenues and expenses. The expenses are deducted from the revenues, resulting at the net income or net loss.

Finding an Accountant in Harrow

A lot of people are finding that they are working longer hours than ever before over the last couple of years. This means that there is less time for general business admin tasks such as sorting out your accounts. Unfortunately, this is a very important aspect of any business and has to be done.

In Any Given Economic Climate, Shouldn’t We All Know a Little Bit About Finance?

Finances are intertwined with almost every aspect of our lives; personal finances, business finances, marriage finances, etc all require a good basic understanding of the fundamental principles of finance. Are you ready to learn a little bit about finance?

Equity Stripping When Creditors Attack!

Implementing the best program for your situation is not all we must know in order to protect assets via equity stripping. We must also know what to do if a judgment or other non-consensual lien, such as a federal tax lien, attaches to equity stripped property (hereinafter we’ll include all such liens when we use the term “judgment lien”).

Systematic Cash Management and Debt Collection

Every business should ensure that they have a debt recovery plan. This usually involves scheduling in a series of letters, then phone calls and eventually taking legal action or handing an outstanding debt over to a recovery agency. The longer a debt remains unpaid, the greater the chance that it will never be paid.

What is Peer to Peer Lending

Peer to peer lending could also be called people to people lending. At the very simplest this is a way for ordinary people to request a loan and for other everyday ordinary people to partially or fully fund the loan. So how does peer to peer lending work?

Why Do People Pay to Pay Their Bills?

Paying for your monthly bills should not cost you time and money. It is bad enough having to shill out the cash for the costs of life. Start paying for your bills for free and spend less time doing it.

PNC Bank Online Banking

PNC Bank Online Banking Service is the internet banking service provided by the PNC banks to its customers for their convenience. The bank has provided its customers and account holders several facilities through the Internet Banking service.

Equity-Indexed Annuities and Income Riders

An equity-indexed annuity is a type of annuity that grows and earns interest based on a formula related to a specific stock market index. An Equity Indexed Annuity with an Income Rider is a contract between you and the insurance company which provides…

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