Watching Myself Sell 50 Bitcoin in 2012

Secret Investment Cycles Can Make You an Automatic Millionaire

The pendulum swings from overvalued to undervalued and that swing provides the secret opportunity to become very wealthy. The investment philosophy of save your money and invest for the long term certainly has some flaws. A simple alternative, of selling overvalued assets and transferring that wealth to undervalued assets, has made a fortune for the few who practice this method of investing.

The Different Types of Options

In Finance, an option is a contract between two parties concerning the buying or selling of an asset at a set price before a set date. There are different types of options used in different types of business. In this article we will explain what these are.

Choosing Sun Life Insurance

One can never really predict what is going to happen tomorrow. Life is so mysterious. Yet all of us are so optimistic that we simply get lost in our thoughts and troubles and go on with the everyday hustle and bustle of life.

I’m Drowning in an “Ocean of Despair” – What Should I Do?

Let me be the first to tell you – help is here, there is hope! There is a solution to every problem. The important thing is figuring out that solution and implementing it. (And no, I don’t say this meaninglessly; as most politicians do… my words are for real.) Much of this fear stems from uncertainty about the future. And a sure-fire way of reducing this fear is to have a definite picture of the future and to know what to do NOW to paint that picture clearly.

Sell Your Old Jewelry And Make A Huge Profit

Jewelry have long been used, wanted, needed and adored by most women. They make use of pieces of jewelry to make them stand out from the crowd, or put last details on the look they want to convey. It is a common fact that any kind of jewelry will make a woman’s heart melt, and this fact will ensure continuous demands on sets of jewelry and other precious stones.

Tips And Risks Of Gold Selling

Learn the advantages you can get by selling your old gold or silver jewelry. Make fast money by selling your diamonds, ear rings, or coins without even leaving your home.

Secured Loans And Remortgages Can Make Your Dreams Affordable

There are many homeowners who have owned their property for a number of years who do not realize that what they are sitting in is a golden egg. Most people who own their property know that in general property values rise on an almost annual basis, and although this has not been the case during and after the recession, the fact remains that after a period of seven years a property will be worth twice its original purchase price. People can be confident that by owning their own home, they will not only have the benefit of an…

Everything You Need to Know About Expat Banking

Banking as an expat can be very tricky. In most countries, they don’t require credit checks. They may or may not even necessitate you to have a line of credit. However, you may need to have some ties to the country and these must be presented as proof when opening a new ban account.

The Right Path To Take To Sell Diamonds

Whoever said that diamonds are women’s best friends may already have an experience to sell diamonds. Truly, these precious gems have more than what it takes to be women’s best friends. It is a popular belief that a diamond is the hardest metal that has ever existed in the four boundaries of the earth.

Why A Trading Plan Is Essential For Trading Success

Without a clear trading plan no one can make money consistently. A trading plan allows the trader to execute his/her trades in a consistent manner and without letting emotions get in the way.

Money Vs Currency

Currency and money are very similar and many people think that they are one of the same. However, there is one major difference that separates the two. First, let’s obtain a firm grasp of how they are similar.

Secrets to Writing a Good Hardship Letter

The recipient of a hardship letter could be an educational institute, a bank, a credit card company, a loan company, a hospital or an insurance company. The writer is one who is looking for a consideration from the organization that will help him overcome his current financial difficulty. The letters vary from individual to individual and from recipient to recipient, however there are a few secrets which are common to all of these.

The Difference Between A Check and A Check Stub

The difference between a check and a check stub can often be confusing to those just starting out in the world of banking and finance. This article looks to help clarify the difference as well as identify the most common uses of both checks and check stubs.

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