Urgent Bitcoin Warning for ALL Crypto Holders (FEAR of MASSIVE Bull TRAP!)

Tips to Avoid Identity Theft

With the importance that good credit history has in your day-to-day life, it is certainly worth protecting and monitoring. Read on to learn some top tips to avoid identity theft.

Finding A Low Latency Financial Cloud That Works For Traders

Cloud computing is one of the most mysterious enterprise technologies introduced in the past decade. It can mean many things to many people and rarely has a unified description. The term “Financial Cloud” which is becoming increasingly used by large financial institutions such as exchanges and banks has equally proven to be a mystery. Several large financial exchanges and financial services companies have recently launched their Financial Cloud offerings in hopes of capitalizing on this growing industry.

Retirement Planning For The Self-Employed

There are a lot of great things about being self-employed. Being your own boss is a wonderful experience, as is setting your own schedule and calling all the shots about what kind of projects you do – and don’t – want to take on. However, there are also many different challenges associated with self-employment.

CFTC and Dodd Frank Regulations Are Making It Hard For Traders To Profit

The Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) is pulling rules out of the closet that seek to protect market participants. Time and time again since its enactment back in 1936, the CFTC has come up with rules and regulations that are aimed to curb uncertainty in the commodities markets that arise as a result of speculative buying and selling of commodity based swaps.

An Introduction To 401k Retirement Plans

If you’re just learning about 401k plans for the first time, it’s understandable that you have a lot of questions about them. There are some complexities associated with these plans which you may want to ask an accountant or lawyer who specializes in retirement planning about, but for a brief guide to the basics of these popular retirement plans, just keep reading; by the end of this article, you should have a pretty good grasp of how they work. Essentially, a 401k is a retirement plan which is sponsored by employers.

What Are The Differences Between 403b Plans And Other Retirement Accounts?

If you’ve been looking at your options regarding retirement savings, 403b accounts are one of the possibilities that you may have run across in the course of your research. While these retirement plans have many similarities to 401k plans or a Roth IRA, there are also some important differences between 403b plans and other retirement planning options which you should be aware of, starting with the criteria for eligibility. Unlike 401k plans, 403b retirement plans are available only to teachers and other school staff, librarians, nurses, self-employed members of the clergy and other employees of non-profit organization,…

Accelerate Your Learning Curve With a Forex Trading System

You may have heard about the volatility of the bourse or foreign exchange market and how the best stock trading system should not be trusted. You may have been warned about not putting your investment in something so liquid and intangible. When the United States fell into a recession following the housing bubble, you have heard pundits and medium blaming the arcane world of the derivatives for the slide.

Durbin and Debit Savings

Okay, we’re closing on nearly a year since the Durbin Amendment to the Dodd Frank Act went into effect. As you may recall, from an earlier article written on this subject, Durbin capped the amount that “regulated” banks could charge for their issued debit cards.

Don’t Be Misled When You Compare ISA Rates

If you have been reluctant to consider ISAs in the past, why not start to compare ISA rates with your current earnings. See how much more you could be saving if you opened your ISA now.

Make the Right Decisions for Your Money and Compare ISAs Before You Invest

The ISA savings account is a fantastic tax efficient investment tool which enables you to get the most from your money. It is essential that you gain an in-depth knowledge of what is on offer when you are choosing your new account and compare ISAs to make sure that you get the benefits.

How to File a Tax Return in Canada

In the past, as spring would approach, the concern of many citizens would turn to gathering paperwork and spending hours working on tax forms. It might take a few nights or some professional help in order to get everything together.

What Corporate Mergers Mean and Various Types of Corporate Mergers

Recently, we have been hearing in the news about companies merging with one another. This is known as corporate mergers. The words ‘mergers and acquisitions’ usually stand together due to which people believe that both are similar in nature. It’s true, because over time the line of difference between both of them has become quite blurred. But there are certain aspects in which the difference between these two is quite clear. Here, we are talking about corporate mergers.

How to Use a Good Forex Signal to Your Advantage

Investing in the Foreign currency market could be a very worthwhile and lucrative pastime. In the following post we learn many of the investing basics when investigating Forex trading signals.

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