You Don’t Need A Business Plan! Dixit Successful Multimillionaire Businessman Gurbaksch Chahal

Or do you? In order to run your business on a daily basis, of course you don’t, particularly if you are at your early beginnings and you are building your business. Don’t you believe this is true?

Why You Need to Take a Critical Illness Cover

More people are taking the critical illness cover as a way of preparing themselves for any eventuality that may arise in future. We all do not love to think about the day we shall fall critically ill or one of the family members fall ill.

Home Ownership in the UK Falls to Its Lowest Level in 25 Years

A study by the Home Owners Alliance shows that home ownership in the UK has fallen to its lowest level since 1988. It peaked in 2002 at 69.7 per cent but has now fallen to 64.7 per cent, more than 20 per cent below the number of the population who would like to own their own homes.

London Mortgage Broker Says the Capital Is a First Time Buyer Hotspot

Recent data show that the number of first time buyers in London has reached its highest level in three years. With higher incomes, older buyers and more financial aid from relatives London has become a first time buyer hotspot.

Can Your Boss See God At Work In You?

Jacob spent years working for Laban, and he was ready to move on. But he didn’t want to leave on bad terms, so he approached Laban to discuss the transition. In the discussion described in Genesis 30:29-30, Jacob pointed out the impact his work had on Laban. His time of employment was extremely productive, and Laban benefited from it. This can lead us to consider whether we are having a similar impact on our own bosses.

One in Three Adults Who Refused a Mortgage Subsequently Get One Through a Broker

A recent survey in the UK by Countrywide and YouGov revealed that a third of all adults who were refused a mortgage went on to have their application accepted by using a mortgage broker. The survey also highlights a number of concerns that UK residents have regarding the state of the mortgage market.

What’s Your Price? 5 Traits To Help You Reach Your True Value at Work

Many of us may not feel that we are valued and respected for what we do at work. However, the question that can be bounced back is, Have you given them a reason to value and respect you? Let’s look at five key qualities that will change any boss’ outlook on an employee’s true value.

Law Enforcement Perspective on Mobile Remote Deposit Capture

Technological boundaries have become non-existent across the landscape of consumer banking. Financial institutions continue to properly manage risk while attempting to maintain and attract customers in a very competitive consumer banking environment. The technological cultural shift has integrated electronic devices into the ability to effectively and efficiently function in our society, but not without a cost.

Financial Institutions Revolutionizing for Economic Growth

Financial institutions are gearing up to uplift lower and middle scale enterprises to bring back stability to the economies. They are constantly innovating and developing financial products and instruments that can foster business capabilities and allow them to invest more flexibly in their future business-related endeavors.

Let the Surplus Emerge

If contributions are inadequate to fund benefits and never increased, a financial burden will arise – sometime in the future. After many years, with increased life expectancy, a growing population, a lower retirement age and higher pensions with minimal contributions – the future is now. And the resulting financial burden is insurmountable.

Understanding the New Limit Up-Limit Down Initiative

On May 6th, 2010 the U.S. Stock Exchange experienced what is referred to as a flash crash. The results was that one trillion dollars in the paper value of the stock market was temporarily wiped out. In a measure designed to avoid volatile price swings in equity markets the Security Exchange Commission(SEC), and the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA)approved a one year pilot program known as the limit up limit down initiative.

Stewardship Also Means Taking Care Of Family

Jacob is a man after my own heart. In Genesis 30:26, this man recognized his responsibility and assumed his role as a husband, father, and provider. He worked hard to take care of his family. Many are familiar with 1 Timothy 5:8, "If anyone does not provide for his relatives, and especially for his immediate family, he has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever." (NIV) Let’s look at how Jacob puts these words into action.

Why The Growth In Fame Of A Cloud Market Data Solution

In simple terms, rather than market data being stockpiled within your desktop, a cloud market data solution permits a huge set of data and applications to be saved on an internet server and circulated to users using a web browser anytime and anywhere. The reason such a solution is growing in popularity is that it saves organizations from creating internal servers and downloading advance software tools. Providers of this solution have already designed a platform to function with every organization’s IT needs.

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