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Economic Outlook: Cause and Effect

Very often, economists and analysts lose track of the difference between cause and effect. Their analysis methods today measure events that tend to happen in concert (correlation), but miss any kind of reasoning about which event leads to the other (causation). The result is a foggy analysis which has little predictive value, but can always say “I told you so” when it’s too late. And, as any engineer will tell you, “correlation does not imply causation”.

Thinking on Artificial Inflation

A quick thought on Inflation; A question has arisen in a small dialogue today of whether interest rates should be raised due to inflation? One thought, which kept coming to mind, was the delicate issues with the housing bubble. Some in the group did not believe it to be a significant factor others were worried that a rise in interest rates would be met with a big reaction in the stock market and also the housing markets in many regions in the United States?

Understanding Basic Finance Terms

If your like many, you don’t always understand what people are talking about when it comes to loans. Without understanding the basic terminology when it comes to loans you just aren’t setting yourself up right to make an educated decision when it comes to applying for a loan.

Saving Tips for Grocery Shopping

Let’s face it grocery shopping can take a bite out of your paycheck. While this isn’t an expense that you can eliminate, there are ways to make it more affordable.

Bankers’ Banks- The Role of Central Banks in Banking Crises

Central banks are relatively new inventions. An American President (Andrew Jackson) even cancelled its country’s central bank in the nineteenth century because he did not think that it was very impor…

History of Previous European Currency Unions

The Euro feels like a novelty – but it is not. It was preceded by quite a few Monetary Unions in Europe and outside it. To start with, countries such as the USA and the USSR are (or were in the lat…

33 Essential Year-End Financial Tasks

The end of the year is a traditional time of celebration, excitement, reflection and planning – not withstanding the hectic holiday shopping of course. However, the end of the year also holds another…

Your Strengths, Your Money

Need a few extra bucks to help pay down debt or build up your emergency account? There are some simple ways to do it without working another job or being away from the children even more. Using you…

No Money! Does It Really Matter? (Free E-Books)

Many investors think that money (or lack of money) is what stops them from closing a deal. This MYTH is one of the most limiting things that holds some investors back. Understand that money is NEVER an issue—IF the deal is right.

A Primer on Commodity Trading

Commodity trading tends to be ignored despite the fact that it possesses many advantages over other types of investment instruments.

5 Things About Offshore Asset Protection Every Internet Marketer Should Know

Offshore instruments of asset protection no longer belong in the realm of the wealthiest individuals with high paid financial advisors. Thanks to the internet and globalization of financial markets, …

Swell Your Bank Account Balance in 2005!

Hold on to the money that comes into your life! Make it last longer with these financial organizing tips.

Frugal Freedom

People who live a frugal lifestyle often live with less stress. Much of the transition from spendthrift to frugal is within the mind. It’s not so much a physical shedding of the luxuries of life. Rather…

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