Top Investors deem Elon’s $43B Twitter Offer “too low” (Crypto Banks Coming to America)

The Benefits of Consumer Installment Contract Funding, Part 3

The first two articles on consumer contract financing (ie. financing consumer receivables, financing retail installment contracts, financing consumer notes, etc.) enumerated eight distinctive benefits which financing consumer contracts offers. There are numerous other benefits associated with consumer contract financing which will be addressed in part three of this series of articles.

The Benefits of Consumer Installment Contract Funding – Part 4

The numerous benefits of consumer contract factoring (consumer contract financing, consumer receivable financing etc.) have been enumerated in the previous three articles. However, as a business owner, CEO or CFO you may have concerns that your customers may be somewhat perplexed when they discover they will be paying a third party. If you do happen to have a few customers who question what you are doing, relevant to consumer contract factoring, it may be helpful to compare the factor/customer relationship to that of the mortgage company/homeowner relationship.

The Benefits of Consumer Installment Contract Financing, Part 2

The previous article on the benefits of consumer contract financing was concluded by citing three specific benefits associated with factoring consumer contracts (ie. financing consumer receivables, retail installment contracts, consumer notes, etc.). Those three benefits were: bad debt elimination, consumer contract processing and meeting increase demand. There are many other benefits associated with consumer contract financing which will be mentioned in this article.

New Financial Services in US Healthcare

Let’s start with a look at BPO generally. We’re just seeing the back end of a global recession – how has this affected Intelenet over the past few months?

Franking Machines – Does the Royal Mail Sell Them?

This article answers what is a franking machine, and why as a business person in the UK you should consider using one over using stamps. Firstly let’s answer what is a franking machine or specifically a “frank”.

Christians in Debt – Are You Ready to Break the Trend?

According to a recent study, there are just as many American Christians in debt as there are non-Christians. Whether the reason for it is societal pressures or lack of financial guidance in churches, Christians seem to adopt world perspective instead of the Lord’s perspective.

Know When to Stand Up & Clap and When to Shout “You Lie!”

No, this is not an article to Congress and the Supreme Court Justices regarding manners for a presidential address. But it is an article to identify the good and bad financial news which continues to bombard us for 2010.

Athletic Mothers Chance As School Coach Or Teacher Through Scholarship For Mothers Program

A mom who used to be an athlete will have to content playing the role of “soccer mom” to her kids. She could have dreams of becoming a teacher, handling physical education and helps students bring back school spirit.

Scholarship For Mothers Program – Creating Better Lives

Did you know that after President Obama took his oath, he already encouraged mothers to go back to school and earn a degree? To make this possible, the President also pushed for the enhancement of the Federal Pell Grant’s terms and the scholarship for the mother program.

Best Bank For Business Checking Accounts – What to Look For

Owning a small business usually means wearing many hats – as head of sales, production, office administration, payroll and yes, accounting. Choosing a business bank is often done impulsively, but in reality the decision process deserves careful thought. Here is what to look for when selecting the best bank for business checking accounts.

It Will Take Time

Although we don’t expect critics of current economic policy will don paper bags, we do expect that it will take time for the US economy to recover from the Great Recession. Headwinds created by the Greatest Deleveraging in the History of the World will continue to challenge the Greatest Releveraging being engineered by government stimuli the world over.

Low Income Grants – Are You Eligible?

Not all of the Americans are well settled and reside an opulent lifestyle. There are US citizens who are in require of fundamental items in life, especially when they are stuck up with small earnings job or unemployed. The US government gears up these individuals with low income grants, which are issued each year.

Four Steps to Beating the Credit Crunch

The Credit Crunch is both a tragedy and an opportunity and you get to choose which one it is for you. To become a winner, in any circumstances – boom or bust – we need to: 1. Find winners, 2. See what they’re doing right, and 3. Do what they’re doing. Here we find a winner, a successful Norwegian businessman, and see what he’s doing right – lessons for the courageous!

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