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Social Lending an Alternative to Credit Cards

For years, credit card issuers aggressively pursued new borrowers and urged old borrowers to charge more. Mailboxes across the country were filled with new offers, introductory rates, and rewards for getting those cards out of wallets and into use.

How Much PPI Can I Reclaim?

If you were sold a PPI policy that you had no chance of claiming on, you might be eligible to reclaim some serious money – thousands of pounds, in fact. While your lender will be able to calculate the exact amount of the refund you’re entitled to, you can estimate how much money can be reclaimed. Here’s how.

Sample Grant Proposals

Acknowledge and respect the grantor’s distinctiveness. Find out what approach they find significant. Read and follow specified guidelines and application formats and make sure you suit all requirements. It is important to make sure you are acquainted with their fiscal rules and policies and the review process of grant proposals.

Finding Ways to Save Money

All around us, people are scrambling about looking for the best ways to save money or add additional income to what they already make.  Using coupons for groceries is one of the most overlooked and easiest ways to begin saving money in your household.  Every week thousands and thousands of  dollars worth of coupons are just thrown in to the garbage as people ignore the opportunity that gets delivered with the Sunday newspaper.

Eight Things to Do in a Recession

What should you do in a recession. Learn how to deal with recession.

The Basics of Investing Offshore

Small countries and islands are often tax havens because their favorable tax laws attract international investment and boost small economies.  Foreign investors who want to avoid high tax set up a corporation in their chosen tax haven that protects their investments from a higher tax burden than that in the investor’s home country. The corporation only exists as a tax shield,  and because the company doesn’t engage in business in that country, very little tax is imposed.

Paying Your Financial Advisor

Are you wondering what to look for in a financial advisor? Here is some information you need to know when looking for one. Begin with investigating education and experience. This can be observed with the mere confidence during the initial meetings. One important issue to resolve as well is the payment method. By taking the time to look for these qualities in your possible financial advisors, you can eliminate a lot of anxiety in your financial future.

Do 1% Interest Rates Make You Better Or Worse Off

With a decrease in interest rates it is difficult for savers to get a return on their investments or savings. For some it has resulted in a huge decrease in disposable income.

Claim Your Free Grant Money

Want to get out of debt, buy a new home or start a business? The government provides billions of dollars in free grant money to the American people every year, and some of this money could go unclaimed.

Unemployment Explained

The U.S. unemployment rate soared to 7.6% this month, up from 7.2% in December. The .4% increase represents almost 600,000 jobs lost. On January 26th businesses announced lay offs of 37,000 jobs in one day.

You Must Hedge! But What is It?

Do you know how much money I spend on insurance? Of course you do because you do too. Auto insurance, health insurance, disability insurance, life insurance, pet insurance, and homeowners insurance just to name a few. Insurance protects us from being wiped out financially. We pay a lot of money for insurance but our insurance doesn’t exactly correlate with the money we make. If you make $50,000 per year, you don’t pay $50,000 for insurance. You pay a smaller amount to protect yourself from loss which allows you to earn a living.

Government Grants For Women and Minorities

Grants for women and other minority section are the Government’s way of giving them the power to become independent. The Government along with many other foundations gives financial assistance to its needy citizens. Grants are not loans. The grant money is not to be returned. By investing in grants, the Government profits an optimism of elevating the culture and the society. On the other hand the foundations involved in giving grants enjoy tax exemptions.

Offshore Banking – Outsmart the Fat Cat Establishment

Are you tired of hearing about ‘fat cat’ excess? It’s time to get your own back.

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