Top 5 GREATEST Ways to Build Generational Wealth (Most Important Philosophy In Crypto)

Choosing Between Debt Consolidation Options – The Top 5 Options to Choose From

Debt consolidation is not going to make your debt go away and if handled wrong can help as much as rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. So what are your options? 1) Credit Card Balance Transfer – If you’ve been making your payments on time and have a good credit record, you can discuss a lower rate with your credit card provider or simply shop around for a new one that will give you a better rate of interest.

Beware Of Unwise Spending Habits

In Genesis 31:14-16, Jacob talked with his wives about his decision to stop working for their father. Although the working relationship had been strained for years, Jacob did wait until he felt God’s call on him to move on. Rachel and Leah were supportive of their husband’s decision. The women’s response to Jacob calls to mind two issues. Are we being careful with our own retirement assets? and Are we protecting our children’s inheritance?

How Cars and Phones Affect the Lithium Industry

The growth of this rare element has depended a lot upon the adoption of clean energy technology. In contrast to lead and other chemical products, it is significantly eco friendly and has much higher energy storing capabilities.

The Benefits of Payroll Debit Cards for Unbanked Employees

Today’s tough economy has led to financial institutions raising their requirements for new clients and lowering the interest from poor credit consumers. Banks review checking and savings account applications based on credit, not just banking history. With the rising cost in bank fees, more unbanked and underbanked employees are avoiding banks and living on a cash-only basis. But how does an unbanked employee receive a paycheck?

Can Your Business Bank on ACH Payment Processing?

Businesses rely on security electronically and physically. The days of paper checks and cash almost seem archaic for businesses, especially when it comes to paying the bills. ACH or Automated Clearing House is a highly sophisticated network of financial transactions between vendors, financial institutions, banks, and businesses. ACH is responsible for processing large volume payments, including payroll.

Bank Issues in Italy

Recently in the news, there was a reporter asking random people on the street how much they spend on their a bank account. The reporter is reporting that supposedly Italians are paying around…

How to Purchase Debt and Make Better Investments

With the economy facing an upheaval and investors taking turns in grabbing the best opportunities in the market, knowing the most practical steps in spending your capital is crucial to survive in whatever industry you are in. In recent years, debt purchasing has seen a rapid growth in the country. This is mainly due to economic-related problems such as high unemployment rate, default rates, and soaring consumer debts.

Money Goals Top New Years Resolutions for 2013

If you’re making New Years Resolutions this year, chances are good that they’ll have something to do with money! Because when it comes to New Years Resolutions, no matter who you talk to, it seems like money goals are at the top of everyone’s list.

Understanding Banks and Their Services

There are different types of banks to choose from. Whether you need a personal or business account there is a center that meets your needs. Save, spend, and manage your funds on your own but with the protection that you need from a reputable financial center.

The 15 Minute Loan Signing “Control the Uncontrollable”

Methods for completing the 15 minute closing without breaking the rules! Yes, you can do a quick loan signing in most situations while still explaining terms and being funny at the same time. At first blush some will say it is just not possible. Well, there is a method to leverage your time while still being effective and avoiding paralysis. The key is “Control”. How do you maintain the control?

Top 3 Reasons Why Virtual Accounting Is The Way To Go

This day and age we are living in a technology society. Everything is online – banking, photos, shopping, music, TV shows and even movies. Yet at the same time, I am amazed at how many people don’t want to do things online. Are they going to stay in the paper age forever?

The Biblical Law of Scarcity

Adam chose to stand silently by as the serpent enticed his wife and then himself to rebel against God. You may never have given it much thought but one of the ways Adam and Eve violated God’s Law was by theft. They stole fruit from God that He clearly told them was not theirs to have. God had given them everything and blessed them with abundance and yet they were convinced that it was not enough. The law of scarcity is observed as man’s attempt to fulfill his infinite wants with finite resources. Because of this theft, God was going to crank scarcity up a notch.

Ninety-Nine Years of Fiscal (Cliff) Policy

Specific numbers are coming out and the spin doctors are now explaining to us who the winners and losers are from the American Tax Payer Relief Act of 2012. But we only need look at two numbers and compare them to know we have all lost again. The annual tax increase is projected to be $62 billion. Last year’s budget deficit was $1.1 trillion (or $1,100 billion). This leaves our politicians with only two choices. Government can take a massive pay-cut, essentially bankrupting itself. Or it can arbitrarily raise the debt ceiling one more time. The truth is, America has been on this losing streak for a century.

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