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Finance and Business in England’s East Midlands

Financial services have a strong and developing history in England’s East Midlands. Alliance and Leicester is based in Leicester, whilst Northampton has been the location of choice for both Nationwide (over 150 years) and Barclaycard (since 1966).

Finance and Business R & D in the England’s East Midlands

Nottingham Trent University offers the Retail Banking Degree which it established with Barclays Bank and also hosts the International Fraud Prevention Research Centre. Loughborough University continues its European Banking Programme, an intensive 10-day European Banking Programme sponsored by Erasmus and the EU with support by the ifs School of Finance. It also hosts the Accounting, Finance and Banking Research Group.

Right, You Can Open a Checking Account Online!

It is now possible to open a checking account online with all the advances in today’s technology. Before the development of electronics communication technology, and especially before the birth of the Internet as we know it today, there was no way that anyone could open a checking account online.

All About High Interest Rate CDs

Many people prefer safer investment options. What you lose with CDs is higher interest.

GIC Rates – How to Make the Best of Your Investment

If you are looking to invest your money in a low risk financial instrument, then consider guaranteed investment certificates or GICs. Of course, since they are low risk they are also low return, but not too bad. There are many options to invest your money here.

Credit Card Debts Solutions – How to Legally Settle Your Credit Card Debts

Due to recent economic entrenchment many Americans saw their source of income disappear. Recession has resulted in heavy amounts of debts. People started going under massive debts due to their inability to pay back. Their debt increased with time due to high interest rates. It becomes impossible for the people to pay off so they preferred to file bankruptcy which is not a viable credit card debt solution.

How to Make Money With Your Blog

Every time a visitor to your blog clicks a link, you earn revenue. You promote their products on your site and each person that you refer from your site to the company who buys the product will earn you money.

The Birth of Banking in the United States

Colonial experiments with paper currency established a precedent for the financing of the American Revolution in 1775. The Continental Congress at Philadelphia was not empowered to directly tax colonists, and it could not borrow enough money from Britain’s traditional enemies to cover all the colonies’ financial needs.

How Financial Planners Can Use Words to Reach, Persuade and Connect

As a financial planner, you are intimately involved with peoples money and money, as we know, is a loaded topic. Anyone who is serious and passionate about helping people with their finances, simply cannot afford to deliver a poor presentation.

Tips For Choosing Payslip Format

Payslip format helps an employee to know how the net amount has been worked out. Here are few tips to select the right format for payslip.

Derivatives Come to Hollywood

As if attacks from paparazzi and star-crazed fans were not enough, Hollywood stars may soon have a literal price put on their heads by investors in the Cantor Exchange, a real-money trading platform where people can bet on the gross profits of upcoming movies. Sales of The Dark Knight skyrocketed after Heath Ledger died unexpectedly, and so did sales after the deaths of Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe.

Using a Mortgage Broker That Covers the Whole Market

When you are looking for a mortgage deal then it is absolutely vital that you analyse your options and analyse the deals carefully as some deals maybe very similar but vary in one way or another. If you are a first time buyer then these slight variances between similar deals can be difficult to notice.

The New $100 Bill

The treasury recently announced a new redesign of the $100 bill that will start circulating in 2011. While the old bill had a great set of features designed to keep counterfeiters at bay, the new bill goes a few steps further.

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