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The Future of London and New York As Financial Centers

“Do not write off New York and London,” is the title of an article written by Michael Skapinker in the Financial Times (30th of September). According to his opinion he figures that those two cities will remain leaders in Finance despite the negative publicity in the last month.

Interagency Appraisal and Evaluation Guidelines – Does Your Bank Conform?

Does your bank have an appropriate real estate appraisal and evaluation program in place? Does it comply with the Interagency Appraisal and Evaluation Guidelines?

Become Debt Free – No Bankruptcy, No Debt Relief

Becoming debt free is possible without the declaration of bankruptcy or opting for debt relief at all. In spite of the emotional stress and the constant harassment from financial institution and debt recollection agents with regards to debt owed and the interest payable, you can finally become debt free and equally get your credit rating back to good.

Saving For That Special Project

Do you have unfinished projects that have been sitting around the house just waiting for that extra time and money to get them off your to-do list? Remember how excited you were when you finally purchased that old model car and could hardly wait to get started on it.

Face Your Debt Head On, and Find Consumer Debt Relief Options That Work

Many people are currently feeling overwhelmed by massive debt and feel they will never be able to find a way out of a debt hole. If you feel this way it is time to seek the help of a consumer debt relief agent.

Reasons For the Financial Crisis

It is argued that people often don’t discuss causes for problems nor solutions that address the causes. A simple and then more complex explanation for our current crisis is offered.

How to Apply For the Free Government Grants

Do you want to obtain government grants and solve your problems on debt, study and living? Yes, everyone maybe hope to get such a grant. But nowadays, it’s not easy to apply for the grants. In this article, we will discuss how to obtain a free government grant.

World Economy Plunging Into a Devastating Crisis

Today the entire world is in the grips of a devastating economic crisis which has resulted in an effectively destructive economic downturn. Global inflation, bankruptcy of reputed banks due to credit crisis, unemployment and various other results have posed numerous unsolved questions in front of the financial authorities worldwide.

Small Businesses Benefit From Single Invoice Factoring

One of the oldest and most widely used forms of funding for businesses, standard factoring has been around for thousands of years. There are a number of innovative new single invoice factoring solutions where a company can get short-term working capital to grow its business. Often these smaller businesses find it difficult to attract conventional funding.

How Banking Instrument and Hard Asset Lending Programs Work

How do seasoned investors increase profits by leveraging frozen assets? Learn how financiers are able to turn long term assets into immediate higher yielding safe profits.

Banks Back Home – Always Keen to Help

In a bid to make a living for oneself as well as to search a niche for survival, most of us are forced to leave the lap of our birthplace and venture into foreign lands. The place which calls us with opportunities becomes the next home for us. But one’s own land has certain responsibilities towards its offspring.

Beware the Latest Investing and Trading Traps

In today’s challenging market condition, the individual investors need to be careful not only in where they put their money invested, but also about novel tricks brokerage houses market to generate fees, while not necessarily helping the investor. Pointing out three such “tools” targeted to generate more trade ideas, trading and commissions: back testing tools, trade screening and derivatives.

Financial Education is Raising Every Company’s Bottom Line

It is not only high school dropouts that fail to understand their credit contacts and the factors that influence their FICO score. I have proctored a lot of seminars to attorneys where I had refused to entertain CPA’s and engineers who did not have the idea that regular payment of their credit dues every month will not enhance their credit score. They also had the belief that if they closed their credit card, it will foster an unbelievable positive affect on their score. They had absolutely no idea regarding the manner in which their score influences their insurance and they did not even know how to read the details of their credit report.

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