Finance Chiefs are in a Confidant Mood

Deliotte, a financial services firm has recently conducted a survey of chief financial officers in top businesses around the country. The survey is conducted on a quarterly basis. This one reached 128 CFOs throughout the U.K. banking system. Of these, 39 were from FTSE 100 companies and 47 from FTSE 250 companies.

Online Banking – Why Bank Online?

Now that most homes in North America have access to broadband Internet, most if not all financial institutions started offering online banking to their customers, and many customers could not be happier. But what are the advantages to online banking, you may ask?

The Top Seven Financial Transactions Done on the Internet

Internet buying and selling has had a great impact on modern commerce. As time progresses, many transactions will be readily available and perhaps necessary to be done online.

UK Out of Recession, For Now

Officially the United Kingdom came out of recession in the last quarter of 2009 with the economy managing to post a positive growth figure for the first time in two years. However the 0.1% growth figure was substantially below the average estimate of 0.4% and even below the lowest individual estimate of 0.2% of specialist economists.

Creating Your Legacy With Donor Advised Funds

An extremely popular and efficient means of creating a legacy to your community is through the use of Donor Advised Funds. This is a charitable fund set up through a Community Foundation. It is an alternative to a Family Foundation for those who do not want to take on the responsibility of administration, potential liability, record keeping and lack of privacy.

SIPPs – What Are They and What Are the Benefits?

With interest rates at an historic low, many people feel that there is little point in saving when there is such a low return. There are however, a wide range of tax-efficient saving vehicles out there, many of whom can provide a worthwhile return. Self-Investment Personal Pensions (SIPPs) are one such scheme.

Can a Consumer Really Eliminate Unsecured Debt Up to 70% With Settlement Programs?

Eliminate unsecured debt with the some of the best debt relief companies available online. You can reduce and consolidate over half of your debt amount with these debt relief programs.

Five Key Benefits of BPM Usage to the Insurance Sector

The economic environment has never been more challenging than it is today. Insurance companies face severe pressures to run profitable operations, ensure the best customer service while at the same time restricting risk exposure and increasing returns for stakeholders.

Headwinds Coming Sooner Than Expected in 2010?

While the stock market had a great 2009, return on the S&P 500 was around 26%, many on “Main Street” are not celebrating a “victory” – consumer leveraging and unemployment remains high. Also, sooner or later some of the programs implemented by the Federal Reserve Bank to help the ailing mortgage and real estate markets will be phased out and interest rates will likely rise.

Give Me Ten Reasons Why My Firm Should Consider Lease Financing!

Equipment lease financing is an alternative choice for firms who wish to acquire capital equipment and other assets. Typically the other two methods to acquire such assets are either a cash purchase, or a loan of some sorts, usually via a bank. The lease financing solution can frequently offer significant cost savings to the borrower, know as the ‘lessee’.

Take Your Company Public – The Truth About the Process – No One Will Tell You the Truth!

Bypassing the blistering reality that banks aren’t making small or medium size business loans. Lines of credit are a deal. Hard money predators are out in full force and legitimate funding sources are at an all time low. Companies can take the tried and tested route in hiring a consultant, structuring their company, building strategic alliances, creating a solid board of directors and then authoring the business plan and PPM for the initial raise but why would they when they have so many scammers telling them that they can easily raise the capital with a shelf corporation or reverse merger into a pink sheets public shell.

Someday You May Need Money For College

All parents want their children to have a better life than they may have had. For many, this means a college education. This means you will need money for their college.

What is Capital Gains?

A capital gain is the profit made from selling an asset. Simply because an asset is sold does not mean that the investor has a capital gain. The asset must be sold for more than it originally cost including any fees and commissions that accrued from the buying and selling of the asset.

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