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Category Five Economy or Small Dust Devil in 2006

Many are looking at the United State’s current economy and saying what an incredible machine it truly is. It is a resilient Swiss watch and will not stop cruising along.

Consumer Debt Trends and Issues in 2006

Throughout 2005 we heard of the incredible growth in consumer debt. Credit Card companies raised credit card limits of many consumers.

Sarbanes Oxley Act

Summary of Sarbanes Oxley Act of 2002

Cashing-In on Cash

“Cash is King” as they say and to adopt an “it’ll be right” mentality could leave you open to some nasty consequences.

Increasing Cash Flow

If you have an income producing property, the amount of money you are left with at the end of your property expenses is considered cash flow.

Understanding the Pulse of a Donor

Learning to empathize with your donors will help you realize your fundraising dreams

Does the H&R Block Cloud Have a Silver Lining?

H&R Block has had a rough year with hurricanes and having to settle a big law suit. But what is bad news for the tax preparation giant is good news for smart investors.

Financial Blunders to Avoid

Tips on avoiding serious financial blunders

What to Look for in a Financial Advisor

Competent financial advisors don’t have a particular look about them, even if they claim to have proof of their ability. To protect yourself, it is important to ask the kind of questions that will…

Finance – How To Beat The Auto Dealers

An article on how to get the best deal on financing when buying a new car.

Financing A New Small Business

An article on several ways to finance a new small business.

Financing Your Small Business

If it is at all possible, you should start your business without any funding beyond what you have available. Do this by starting slowly and in conjunction with present employment. Start your business by working evenings and weekends while keeping your present job as long as practicable. This way, if the business does not meet your expectations, you have not incurred debt and will still have a job!

Money Is Important – Whether You Agree Or Not

Please do not try to cheat yourself by knowingly denying its importance. Nothing can take the place of money in the area where it is required. Therefore, to argue that it is not important is just illogical and meaningless.

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