Were You The Victim Of A Missold Mortgage?

Just when you though misspelling of PPI was over there is a new kid on the block. Missold mortgages are now on claims companies hit list.

Personal Income Taxes and Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Understanding how a chapter 7 bankruptcy affects your tax obligation is imperative. This review can determine if filing bankruptcy solely due for tax reasons will be effective for financial stability.

What Social Security Can Do For You

When we’re busy living our lives we don’t spend a sufficient amount of time thinking about and planning for retirement. Many people engage in ‘wishful thinking’ when it comes to retirement planning, simply assuming they will somehow find a way to make it all work. Most people underestimate how much money they will need and do not save enough money for retirement and. if you suffer with poor credit it’s even worse.

Love, Marriage and Amp – Social Security

Marriage complicates everything! Being married means sharing everything, from your combined families to your combined incomes -even your combined efforts at credit repair. Many couples lose sight of their retirement planning when embroiled in attempts to repair credit and purchase at home. You can and should be planning for your retirement.

Research Banks to Find the Right Fit

There are quite a few banks out there, and more than 5,500 of them are FDIC-insured. Consider what services are important to you and make sure you choose one that is FDIC-insured.

The Top Three Mistakes That Will Quickly Ruin Your Credit

While it takes years to build great credit, it only takes a few months to destroy it. That’s why if you are new to the “game of credit” and how it affects your life–or if you are attempting to rebuild bad credit after making too many credit mistakes–it’s a good idea to avoid some of the triggers that can seriously and negatively affect your credit score for a long time.

Benefits of Energy MLP ETF Exposure

The MLP investments are evolving fast, at least in the North American Energy sector where the master limited partnerships and their equity are actually a combined asset of small companies involved in production and transportation of energy forms. The expansion in this sector depends on effective energy transmission logistics and this is where these entities will contribute the most and ditto is the reason for growing affinity for MLP ETFs.

Does All of This Debt Really Affect YOU?

As I talk with people from around the nation, I am constantly reminded that the federal government has almost $17 trillion in debt and unfunded liabilities totaling almost $100 trillion. The important question is of course how this really affects you; or does it? I mean with all the hoopla on the right, you’d think the world was coming to an end and with all the people on the left being so blasé’ about it, you’d think it doesn’t matter. So what is a normal person to think; what is the truth?

Who Do You Trust More – Your Accountant or Your Financial Advisor?

There have been many articles that I have read and poll results I’ve seen through the years that place the accountant and/or CPA at the top of the “most trusted advisor” ladder over other such notable professionals as the banker, financial advisor, and even attorney. Why is this, you ask?

6 Ways to Get Your Information Quickly in QuickBooks

Let’s face it – you’re busy, you have information you want to know but don’t want to spend all day getting it. Especially in the summer when you are either at your busy season or want to go on vacation. So here are 6 ways you can get your reporting quickly.

How to Find Experts to Help Your Business

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could open your own business and automatically know everything you needed to know to make it successful? While some people seem to have this kind of business green thumb, what they actually do is find experts to help them along the way. The key to being a successful business owner isn’t knowing everything; it is accepting that there is no way you can know everything.

Six Things You Must Consider When Preparing Your Will

When preparing your will, there are several things it must include in order to be valid. If you aren’t confident that you’ve prepared it properly, a will attorney can help.

How Children Can Be Affected by Identity Theft

Do you have children? Our children are at risk for Identity Theft.

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