Getting Cash for Annuity Payments Offers Quick Access to Funds

Receiving cash for annuity payments is a viable option for those who may need immediate cash and can’t afford to wait for their money to be paid out over time.

The Truth about Offshore Banking

Why offshore banking is and will always remain legal – and how an offshore bank account can offer real benefits to real people.

Free Government Grants

Don’t even think about searching another grant website or wasting your money on another grant seeking product until you read this free government grants article!

Women and Your Finances

Women and their financial security.

The History Of Interest Throughout Time

Reminiscences of the good old times, when those caught charging interest on loans where burnt at the stake impromptu.

Liquidation of Banks

In this article we may be able to understand what liquidation of a bank means.

Acquiring Wealth and Property Through Government Auctions

Government auctions are a great way to acquire property and posessions you’ve always dreamed of, at rock bottom prices. The trick is just to know where to go and when to be there.

Cheap Holiday Loan For An Extravagant Holidaying

The author is a business writer specializing in finance and credit products and has written authoritative articles on the finance industry. He has done his masters in Business Administration and is currently assisting Shakespeare Finance as a finance specialist.

Protecting Your Personal Financial Information (PFI)

Protecting your Personal Financial Information (PFI) goes beyond awareness of the latest phishing schemes. PFI is turned over during the account set-up process, but can also be divulged when working with your Financial Services professional. What can you do as an individual or SMB to protect this sensitive information? This article discusses encryption as an option to secure you PFI.

China’s Major Achievements 2005

China had a stellar year in 2005 with many financial and economic achievements. Find out what China did Right!

Asset Protection – Why Do People Want Asset Protection?

Asset Protection is no longer for the rich and famous. It’s also for the common man, thanks to the work of former collection attorney Bill Reed. In this informative article, he talks about why people want asset protection, and the benefits of incorporating in Nevada.

Step down the Ladder of Debt with a Secured Debt Consolidation Loan

A Debt consolidation loan is a loan used to reimburse several other debts. It is a low cost loan secured on collateral as your home, your vehicle or any expensive asset.DEBT CONSOLIDATION LOANS

The New Rage: Incentive Trusts

Today’s baby boomers want more out of their estate planning than just passing along an inheritance to their children. They also want to pass along their values – and they’re using incentive trusts to do just that.

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