The Convergence of Macroeconomics And Crypto

The Banking System Improves, Surprising the “Experts”

Conventional wisdom regarding the banking system is leaning again toward “zombie” banks being propped up by bailouts leading to a “lost decade”. This argument is upside down, and bank earnings reports are proving it. Yet the media and “analysts” have no idea what is actually happening, content to recycle cliches and uneducated generalizations.

Signs of an Oil and Gas Investment Scam

In the recent times, due to the fall in the stock markets across the world, more and more people have started to invest in other avenues of investments, like forex and real estate. Oil and gas investment is such an alternative form of investment. Now, it is important to note that the current trends have also given rise to scams and frauds.

What is an E2 Investor Visa?

Getting a green card is something which a lot of people tend to work towards. This is something, which would allow you to reside, as well as work in the USA visa may be obtained in several ways and for several purposes, as well.

Structured Finance

Structured finance is a very broad term, which is used to refer to a sector of finance, which was developed to help in transferring risk with the help of complex legal, as well as corporate entities. Such a risk transfer as useful in securitization of different financial assets, such as credit card receivables, mortgages and auto loans, has helped in opening up new avenues of financing for consumers. However, this has also been believed to contribute to the degradation of the underwriting standards of such financial assets.

The Banksters Take a Page From Enron

Tragedy is turning into farce as the real intent of the bank rescue plan becomes apparent. Geithner and the banksters have adopted the playbook of a true fraud-and-deceit all-star: Enron.

Why American Management Failed and Resulted Into Great Economic Recession?

The Western idea of management centers on making the worker (and the manager) more efficient and more productive. Companies offer workers more to work more, produce more, sell more and to stick to the organization without looking for alternatives.

California – Marijuana is Not Going to Save Your Economy!

Fellow Californians…yes, I am from California. I’ve been hearing more and more people talking about the whole “Marijuana will save our economy”, and frankly, I could not DISAGREE MORE! Call it opinion, but I call it fact. Marijuana is not going to save our economy. We are in a recession, face it.

Home Loans Interest Rates by Major Banks

In the period of recession most of the banks offer home loans, car loans, and personal loans on lower interest rates. Recently, SBI announced to lower interest rates for its special home loans for new borrowers at 8% for one year.

Understanding the Different ISAs Available

In a bid to encourage UK residents to save more money the British government introduced ISAs, short for individual savings accounts. The appeal of an ISA lies in the tax efficiency that you receive when saving your money in this type of account. With many other types of saving account you are liable to pay tax on any interest accrued whereas an ISA gives you freedom from this, meaning no Income or Capital Gains tax is paid on the interest you receive or any return on your investment.

You Have the Means to Survive the Financial Crisis

As global financial giants continue to crash on the deck with resounding crashes, the financial world reels in chaos. Scenes of bewilderment and loss of self-assurance not seen since the Great Depression in the early 1930’s, fill the media. This is not the moment to panic and allow your emotions to take control.

What Got You Here?

With the global financial system on life support and the resulting inability of companies to gain access to credit, many executives feel that they have been plunged into survival mode. When fear strikes, and the breathtaking speed of the unraveling of the global financial system is scary, it is a normal human reaction to become paralyzed. In today’s turbulent business climate, the key question to ask is, what separates winners from losers?

The Pros and Cons of Rent to Own

With the increasingly popular of rent to own businesses, there are both pros and cons. This article will let you know how to distinguish them and help you understand well about rent to own before you dive into it.

Protecting Your Money

Crisis, no jobs, bankrupt, no credits blah blah blah! Every time I turn on my TV, its the first thing I hear. Its very sad to know that some people got fired from their jobs, or that some big company are in bankrupt (Lehman Brothers, Bank of America, Merril-Lynch, etc.), but this kind of situations are not 100% bad. The rich people like Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Carlos Slim, and other guys, use this crisis and inflation problems to get richer. How does this happen? Simple, they use these rules: 1) Protect your money 2) Keep your money working for you 3) Find good investments

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