The Cards Are Stacked AGAINST Retail Investors

Student Finance – Best of Finance For the Best of Education

Student finance enables you to take care of all your expenses pertaining to your education. The loans are easy to derive and can be availed both from government agencies as well as private lenders. Further, the terms and conditions to are simple.

Things You Probably Need to Know About the Fed

What do you know about the Federal Reserve Banking System? Do you know that they control a relatively large portion of this country’s economic activity and aren’t even a government agency. Yes, I am a free-market enthusiast, and yes, you may think that this sounds contradictory. But if you knew what the Fed could do, you might change your tune.

Debt Consolidation – A Good Or Bad Move?

Many people today are having difficulty meeting their loan commitments and as a result look to debt consolidation as a means to reduce their monthly outgoings. The normal process for debt consolidation is to wrap up your credit card debt, any personal loans, your car repayments perhaps – all into your home loan mortgage.

Current Account Interest Rate – How to Compare Between Its Variations?

Current account interest rate is varying and therefore, customers must collect information what the interest rate be when on credit in the account, on exceeding amount of overdraft etc., and tally closely beforehand opening an account.

Financial Management’s Main Key

For a usual person, financial management is just the literally managing of your financial stuffs but for people who deal with their business problems, people who wish to make their credit standing better, financial management has a much deeper meaning. How deep is it?

11 More Secrets to Financial Advisor Success

If someone crosses your mind, make that call. Write that idea down and think of three simple and immediate actions that you can take towards the fulfillment of that idea. Get it done. You were given the ideas for a reason and it is important that the ideas be honored so don’t second guess and don’t delay.

The Best Investment Consultant

Whether you want to be a consultant or hire a consultant, there are a few things that you should always bear in mind. You should understand the key reasons as to why a consultant is needed in order to reap the full benefits.

Rules For Securities Offerings and Private Placements

I believe that if you are making a securities offering, like a private placement, reverse merger or going public, you may discover that the following little-known rules are very helpful. I am writing this to give you the knowledge of some expensive and painful experience. It does not have all the answers but you may be surprised to find some very valuable and usable answers here.

Registration Instead of a Reverse Merger to Go Public

Naturally, the conventional way of going public is to have an investment bank underwrite your stock offering in an initial public offering or IPO. Then came the reverse merger or merger with an OTC shell. The company seeking money, the venture company, found a (hopefully) clean shell trading over the counter.

Easy to Get, Hard to Let Go

Easy credit and housing going up was an opportunity not to miss. Subprime mortgages eventually caused grief and panic to the banks. Losing a house is sad. Repossessions are on the increase.

Top 3 Ways to Get Discount Prescription Drugs

Prescription drugs are expensive – even with health care. There are places to turn to that offer assistance with prescription drug costs – you just need to know where to look. Here are the Top 3 programs for discounted prescription drugs.

Do Full Fledge Businesses With Current Account and Also Get Good Interest

Now banks add huge interests on the deposits in savings as well as current accounts. The present current account interest rates of various banks are quite high and are beneficial for the business people.

Tips For Financing Your Own Accounts

Have you considered what happens when you sell your contracts to an outside financing company? Consider the investment that you already have in your contracts. You do all the work required to produce the contract, then you give it away to a finance company Financing is a business that earns money every day of the year.

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