Prevent Another Financial Crisis – Start Managing Your Credit Before You Hit the Workplace

Many Americans start assuming debt way too early, as many graduating college students are saddled with over $20,000 in student loan debt alone. Add on consumer/credit card debt, and the average college student can be $25,000-35,000 in debt before he/she gets his/her first full-time job. This kind of debtor mindset is what helped to create the uneasy alliance that many Americans have with credit.

Rick Wagoner’s Fatal Mistake

Long-time General Motors CEO Rick Wagoner finally got the boot this week. Some would say he deserved it (including us). But he could have hung on, if not for one fatal mistake.

Winning in the Financial Services Industry is a Lot Like Making the Money in the First Place

In turbulent economic times, working in the financial services industry can be quite challenging. Even when recovery is on the way investors are sketchy, fearful and almost hostile towards anyone in the industry. Although it’s not easy to win during such a global economic crisis as a financial services professional, it is possible, let me explain:

The Treasury Plan – Simplified

Are you looking for a simplified explanation of the Treasury’s “Bad Bank” plan? Maybe you’ve heard that the main point of the plan is to get ‘toxic assets’ off the books of the various lenders, but what exactly does that mean? And how is it going to work and IS it going to work? Unfortunately, no one can give a definitive answer to that last question. However, we’ll try to give a simplified explanation of the plan here.

Offshore Banking – Fiction Vs Fact

MYTH: Offshore banking can’t be that good because they can’t really pay the high interest rates they offer. If they could really pay those rates then U.S. banks would try to be competitive and have the same interest rates.

Offshore Banking – Why it is Legal and Will Never Be Forbidden

Even though this article about offshore banking was written for the U.S. person, it can be applied to almost any country. You need to check with the laws of your own country to see if the following is true for you also. Some details may be different but generally it is true for most countries since many laws are enacted using U.S. law as their guide.

Is There Life After Bad Credit?

Given the current economic state, finding a loan is now more difficult than ever before. Banks and other lenders simply aren’t giving out loans to most people – even if those people have good credit. This news becomes worse if you happen to be one of the many people that have bad credit.

How Can a Broker Help You?

Getting any sort of finance has always been confusing for some people, due to the wide range of lenders, products, and deals around. However, over the past year finding the right finance for your needs has become even more difficult because of the global credit crunch.

Grants For Artists – Free Money

Government grants for artists help aspiring and professional artists with the financing they need for personal and professional expenses. These grant funds are provided by numerous private foundations and is money that never has to be paid back. These programs can provide $50,000 to artists at all career levels and all forms of art.

Classification of Debts

Debt is either owed or borrowed. Creditors lend a sum of amount to debtors with the agreement that the money will be repaid and usually with an interest. Most of us think that our credit limit is our money! We need to wake up and realize the fact, that the credit limit on our cards is not our money, it is a loan. Read the rest of the article and wake up.

Eight Things That the Recent Financial Crisis (Should Have) Taught Us

The recent financial crisis seems to have arrived, full-blown, without warning. While a few people predicted that we would experience a credit crisis, most people were caught unawares when the credit markets, and larger economy, seized-up. A number of key assumptions regarding the working of our economy have been given the lie by the current state of affairs; this article addresses some of our changed assumptions.

Government Seized Auctions – What Can You Buy?

There are many different things that can be purchased at a government seized auction. Sometimes all of the items will be auctioned at the same time, and other times they will be sold at separate auctions. The most popular government seized auctions are usually with vehicles, but there are many other things you will find.

Make Sure You Take Advantage of Your Child’s Money

I would like to think that we are doing the best we can for our children’s future; the choice of school is normally the first option but what about the Child Trust fund? A child trust fund is given to all children who were born after 31st August 2002, they receive £250 which can be invested in a tax free account, and children who fall into the low income bracket receive £500. It has been reported according to the HM Revenue figures that only a quarter of parents have not yet opened accounts for their children, …

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