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Financial Literacy

Of all the skills required of successful managers and executives, competency in finance is the most scarce. What is financial literacy and is there a difference between it and Business Acumen?

A Currency Converter That You Can Trust

If you happen to be doing international business or just cross border activity, then it is highly likely that you will have the need for a currency converter. The currency converter is a mechanism through which you are able to identify the value of a particular national currency in relation to other currencies in the globe. The currency converter is only as accurate as the information that has been placed in it and will fluctuate depending on the location or the system that you are using.

The Bank of Queensland – A Brief History

The Bank of Queensland or BOQ, as it is conveniently called, is one of the Australian state’s oldest financial institution. This banks headquarters is in Brisbane. BOQ is a retail bank whose network is composed of roughly 250 branches: 152 located in Queensland, 52 situated in New South Wales, 23 in the Victorian state and 34 in Western Australia region.

There Are Various Types of Government Grants – Who Can Benefit From Them?

Most people are not aware that they could get financial help in the form of government grants. There are many different kinds of grants, families and individuals can benefit from them.

All You Should Know About a Payroll Check Template

There are many questions that you might have about your payroll check. These might be basic questions that come into your mind when you see the deductions and additions to your salary in your payroll. However your Payroll check template should be able to answer all your queries regarding your basic pay.

Selecting the Right Sample of Paycheck

There are many things in life that you should take care of. One of the most important things in life that you should ensure is that you get your pay on time and that you get the right pay for the amount of work you do. The best way to perhaps doing is to makes sure that you have a thorough understanding of your sample pay check stub. This is vitally important to your career as this will help you to understand if you are being rightfully paid for all the services that you are providing to your company.

Selecting the Right Payslip Format

There are many things that one should keep in mind when selecting the right payslip format. There are many companies that are out there that are today outsourcing their payrolls to other companies because of convenience and because the companies seem to think that this would save them money.

Finding a Free Financial Template

Free financial templates are easy to find. All you need to know is where to look on the internet. There are plenty available on the internet however you need to make your choice as to what kind you should choose for your wants and needs. The financial templates can come in various forms and formats.

What is a Bill of Sale – Contents, Types, and Difference From Invoice

When you purchase goods from a store, the seller is given a written acknowledgment of the goods purchased- this is called the bill of sale. Typically, it contains the date of purchase, location, the amount of goods purchased, total payable amount, description of goods, and the name of the purchaser. Sometimes when you need to replace any particular item, you need to show the bill to the seller as it proves that the item was bought from his store.

Asset Management is Critical For Public Institutions

While asset management is important for any type of institution it is particularly important for schools and other public institutions. Money is tight and you are responsible to the community for how you handle the resources you have.

Asset Tracking Systems Can Save You Both Time and Money

It may be hard to believe but an activity as basic as asset tracking can save you thousands of dollars each year. True, creating a program to monitor assets such as computers, chairs, desks, printers, and monitors may not sound like the most exciting activity in the world but it can pay big benefits.

Control of Financing Controls Profit

One afternoon recently I tried to cash a check for $7,000 at my bank. Even though it is one of the nation’s leading banks, I was unable to do this because they didn’t have enough cash!

Finance and Business Benefits For a Limited Partner

You might want to invest in a business but do not want to deal with the daily business management that comes along with owning a company. You might want to consider investing in a company as a limited partner. In this way the general partner will deal with the daily running of the company and you do not have to, while you will enjoy the benefits of the profits.

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