How to Get a Government Grant For Single Moms

One of the most common questions I hear is how to get a government grant when you are a single mother. Government grants are often misunderstood. Some people thing these grants amount to charity while other people assume grants are only given out to large organizations. In truth, both of these statements are right, and both wrong.

Free Lunch For Sale

Many people are familiar with the sentiment voiced by Milton Friedman that “There is no such thing as a free lunch.” However, there is an endemic trend among federal, state, and local government entities to sell promises of a ‘free lunch’ to become elected and gain power. The fundamental problem with this mathematical problem is that everybody cannot live at the expense of everybody else.

How to Get Grant Funding

Do you need grant funding? There is good and bad news. The good news is that yes, there are some legitimate grants out there that you can apply for. The bad news is that grants are not as easy to get as you may have been lead to believe.

When the Lights Go Out

Even though it has happened to my family on more than eleven occasions over the past fourteen years this last time was particularly difficult. This is not the sort of situation that becomes uncomplicated.

Fantastic Finances – A How To

Let’s face it- life rarely turns out the way we planned. John Lennon said it best: “Life is what happens when you’re busy making plans.” This is especially true when it comes to finances: if you don’t prepare yourself for inevitable changes in income, debt and living situations, you might not like what life has in store for you. Here’s a primer on how you can get a hold of your finances.

An Excellent Guide to Option Pricing Formulas

A guide that is related to option pricing formulas is very essential for every businessman and investor because it helps them to forecast their problems, there by reducing their overall risk. A guide containing option pricing formulas would only work if it has been implemented correctly and the limitations of every formula has been calculated and evaluated correctly. This guide would really help all the businessmen to know about the profits and losses of their business.

Get Rid of the Home Loan – If Yesterday is Too Late and 5 Years Seems Like a Long Time, Read on

Do you believe that getting rid of your home loan is about money? Well, I suppose it is… a little. If you’re reading this, I suspect you understand the REAL truth. Getting rid of the mortgage is not really about money it’s about getting your life back! What life choices could you, no, WOULD you make if your home loan was gone and you weren’t facing decades of work to pay the bank? This is where the rubber hits the road and we get right down to the real issue. It’s great to live in your own home, but how much better would it be to still live in your own home but do it debt free? Do you want to get rid of your mortgage in less than 5 years?

Government Business Grant – Six Facts to Note

If you are looking to apply for a government business grant its as easy as checking with your local government office or researching business grants provided by local government via the Internet. You can easily peruse all the various grants which should be listed on the government website.

Improving Credit and Debt Through Your Mortgage

Imagine holding a magical card that you carry around which has the power to open any door for you all over the world. You can pretty much get whatever you wish for with this card. If that is really true then you would want to guard this card very carefully now wouldn’t you?

Chargebacks Leave You Singing the Blues?

The chargeback procedure begins with the filing of a “dispute” by a consumer with their bank or credit/debit card company. The bank that issued the credit/debit card will then charge the disputed amount back from the merchant and give the consumer a provisional credit.

Hardship Letter

A hardship letter is not one which you can send to anyone. It is for people who are experiencing financial instability in life. Hardships in life can come anytime. So it becomes very important to know how to write this type of letter.

UK Banking in 2010 – An Era of Sensible and Conservative Banking?

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the wake of the credit crunch has coincided with an increased awareness among the UK public as to how important it is to save rather than spend – and to become less dependent on credit and loans. This has been particularly evident among younger savers such as students learning from the mistakes of their parents, yet recent research from Abbey has found that families are still finding it difficult to save for a rainy day.

Financial Assistance For Single Mothers Guide

If you are looking for financial assistance for single mothers, you won’t be disappointed. Through the years, various government agencies and private organizations have targeted low income families with help programs. As a single mother, you are consider (as a group) financially needy. Now it’s certainly possible that there are many successful single mothers who have good jobs and are financially secure. But the stats show that most single mothers don’t have a college education and work for minimum wage jobs. To help counter the need present in this group, organizations have put together some programs that single moms should be able to access.

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