Statistics Since The US Dollar Became The World Reserve Currency

Some Thoughts About Offshore Banking

I’m absolutely certain we have all heard about online offshore banking. You pay your obligations by mail and make deposits at your local bank.

3 Things You Must Do Immediately When a Customer is Overdue

It happens to all of us. We know our customers, and they would never stiff us. Until….it happens to you. A customer that has always paid on time is paying slower than in the past and is becoming increasingly past due.

Financial Security Intrusion

Security is a challenging issue for every financial organization. Financial security threats for companies have gained prominence in the last few decades.

Support For Public Financial Management

According to the Development Assistance Committee, there are certain roles that a general budget support should play. They are as explained and described herein as follows:

Money Matters – How to Get Money to Work For You

My religion teacher always said that the love of money is the root of all evil. She discouraged us from accumulating too much of it-at least that was the idea I picked up when she told us that material possessions didn’t matter to God…so why bother amassing all the wealth in the world when it couldn’t be brought up to heaven anyway? Good student that I was, I took everything that she said to be unquestionably true; I even jotted down some notes so I wouldn’t forget…

How Business Grants Work

Many people lost their jobs and hence, a regular income to pay off their bills, and deal with the many commitments, they had financially. The job market turned unstable following the recession, and many found themselves struggling to get a job at first, and then to get the pay scale that they were previously used to.

How Minority Grants Work

Grants are government money set aside every year, amounting to millions for American citizens. There are different grants for different sections and different needs. There are college grants, housing grants, research grants, grants for small business, and much more. There are specific minority grants in each of these, to cater to the needs of those belonging to minority communities.

New Banking Laws

Thoughts on the reality of credit reporting agencies. The actual underhand tricks on Wall St and how our money paid for greed. Washington’s bureaucrats giving our money to cover up Wall St Greed.

The Euro Crisis – Did it Just Happen Or Was it Planned?

To illustrate a very simple point in a very simple way, let’s say that the Germans like to save their money for the cold, rainy days they know are coming, and that the Greeks like to spend too much time partying on their sunny, beautiful beaches. Why should the Germans and everyone else — like the U.S. in particular who has enough problems of its own — be dragged along in this co-dependent lunacy of having to bail them out when the inevitable happens?

Financial Directors and Business Owners Should Be Clear About Their Break-Even Point

A vital number that every business owner and finance director should know is their monthly Break-Even. This is the point where the business generates sufficient profit from sales to exactly cover its fixed overhead costs. Higher sales and the business will make a profit; lower sales and there will be a loss.

Performance Metrics – Guiding Management Action

Performance metrics measure chosen dimensions of an organization to allow management to assess its position and take appropriate actions to move it toward target. The key goal is performance improvement along a whole host of dimensions as selected by the organization’s leadership.

Ways to Qualify For a UK Income Tax Refund

It has been estimated that approximately one third of PAYE employees are due an Income Tax Repayment. This arises for many reasons but the coding system is less than perfect. Also the Inland Revenue does not always check to see if a refund is due as more often than not a claim has to be made to actually get a repayment.

The Daunting Question of How to Make Money For Kids

The world in which we live is blossoming with love, happiness, warmth and beauty. We live in a world where the changes happen at a very fast pace. To match our steps with this fast pace we have to update ourselves with innovative things. As this world is moving at an extravagant pace we have to work hard, so that our young and upcoming generation benefits from our work, taking impetus from this we should take keen interest in how to make money for kids so that they do not have to face…

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