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Alabama Holding 373 Million Dollars In Unclaimed Money

Alabama’s unclaimed money rolls have swelled to nearly $400 million. This cash belongs to AL citizens who only need to learn how to search for and reclaim what is rightfully theirs!

Kentucky Unclaimed Money Climbs To 150 Million Dollars

According to the KY State Treasurer, the state is now holding more than $150 million in unclaimed property that belongs to the citizens. The only things standing between 200,000 people and their slice of the pie are awareness of these forgotten assets, and the ability to locate and reclaim their Kentucky unclaimed money.

Indiana Now Holding 350 Million Dollars in Unclaimed Money

The state of Indiana is currently holding more than $350 million in unclaimed money. The best part? This money belongs to the citizens and is there for the taking, for the lucky Hoosiers who take the time to search for and identify funds belonging to them!

Unclaimed Money in Hawaii Totals Over $130 Million

Residents of Hawaii who are in the know stand to be handed their share of $130 million in unclaimed money, currently being held by the state. Searching for lost money can be a lot easier with the help of found money experts.

Critical Financial Considerations for Physicians Dealing with a Practice Buyout

This white paper shares a detailed look at the complex issues related to financial planning before, during and after medical buyouts for physicians. Receiving (a) lump sum payment(s) often brings additional financial planning issues into the forefront for physicians, forcing a re-evaluation of the broad financial strategy. Managing this change in order to yield optimal results need to be in place prior to the physical receipt of equity payment(s).

The Bank Still Going Strong 300 Years On!

Love them, hate them, need them, banks are as much a part of all our lives as the ritual cup of tea or coffee to get us started in the morning. We drink that cuppa almost without thinking about it, right? Same with banks. We use them now as a matter of routine, without pausing to consider what lies behind it all.

5 Ways to Save Money this Christmas

Use these ideas to save money this Christmas or prepare to save more money next Christmas. This is usually a season where people spend more than they can afford and often regret it later when it comes time to pay off the credit card repayments. There are many ways however that you can save money at Christmas and still enjoy the season.

Unclaimed Money In California Totals $5 Billion

The state of California currently holds over $5 billion in unclaimed money. Citizens who are owed a portion of this money are encouraged to claim their share if they are able to locate these funds, which is a task that can be made easier with the assistance of an unclaimed property expert.

No Cheques Please, We’re Plastic – Paper-Free Payments By 2012?

With cheque-books gradually becoming a thing of the past, consumer culture in the UK is moving ever-closer towards ‘paper-free’ payments. Whilst predictions suggesting we could be entirely ‘cashless’ by 2012 may be a little premature, the fact remains that it certainly looks a safe-bet at some point in the near future.

Hundreds of Millions In Michigan Unclaimed Money

The state of Michigan is currently seeking the rightful owners of hundreds of millions of dollars in MI unclaimed money. Unclaimed property is there for the taking, the owners need only find it and stake their claim, which can be easier said than done. With the help of unclaimed property experts you can feel confident in your searching abilities today!

North Carolina Unclaimed Money Reaches $700 Million

As state unclaimed property offices take in more than they dole out, North Carolina’s unclaimed money now stands at a record $700 million. NC citizens need only learn how to thoroughly search for their missing money and then step forward to claim what is already theirs. As this pile of cash continues to grow, odds increase that you’re due a claim.

Pennsylvania Unclaimed Money – $1 Billion For The Taking!

The state of Pennsylvania is currently holding over $1 billion of the citizens money. PA unclaimed money is waiting for the rightful owners to step forward and take their lost assets back. With proper guidance, Pennsylvanians can be reunited with their missing money sooner rather than later.

Unclaimed Money In Texas – Lost Cash And Property Up For Grabs For 200,000 Texans

The State of Texas is currently holding nearly $2 billion in TX unclaimed money and property. Citizens of Texas, and folks who otherwise are owed a portion of this money have every right to reclaim it once they find it. Locating lost assets isn’t difficult, once you know what you’re doing.

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