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What is the Deal With This ‘Money’ Thing Anyway?

Our economy is currently in a recession. The government owns over half the total stock of General Motors and virtually all of former insurance giant AIG. Groups and individuals from all sides of the political spectrum have criticized and praised the Fed for it’s actions during the recent economic collapse, where bank after bank folded in a cascade effect.

Important Facts You Should Know About Life Annuity Options

Annuity options are very good for those people who want to invest their money in something profitable. We can say that annuity is the opposite of a life insurance policy. If you are planning for retirement then you can opt for the annuity options. Annuity is just like a contract between a person and the insurance company in which the company promises to pay you a certain amount of money for a fixed time period. The person who receives the payment is known as an “annuitant”.

Taking Control of Your Financial Destiny – Sound Financial Advice For Women

Women’s financial needs are unique. Oftentimes, women have to be “Everything to Everybody” and they neglect themselves in the financial arena. If they rely solely on their spouse to manage the household finances, they risk everything if that spouse becomes ill, passes away or if there’s a divorce. This article stress the importance and need for women to take control of their financial destiny by seeking sound advice.

Schwab Annuities – Things to Know

The field of Investment and Insurance is not at all easy to understand. Everyone cannot relate with the terms related to Investment. Special knowledge and proficiency is required in order to become an expert in this sector. Further in this topic we are going to discuss about Schwab Annuities Insurance Company. They provide almost all types of Insurance and financial services to their clients.

Tax Sheltered Annuities – Things to Know

Before delving further into the topic we are going to discuss about annuities in detail. What are annuities? Well, annuity is basically a type of savings made by an individual. It could be either in the form of fixed payment or periodic payments paid either annually or monthly. The phenomenon of annuity is not easy to understand.

Things to Remember Regarding Annuities

Investment is always a complex field to understand. One should be extremely proficient in order to understand the phenomenon of annuities. An annuity allowance is a type of savings that one formulates, may be through periodic installments remunerated over a specific amount of years. After a prescribed amount of time, one gets cash return depending upon the money invested. If the annuity holder dies, the prescribed amount is refunded to the family of the holder.

AIG Annuity – Things to Know

AIG Annuity is a large firm that provides long term financial securities and benefits to their clients. They are basically responsible for offering fixed term annuities. They are one of the most experienced firms in business. You can certainly rely on them for all types of financial assistance.

What is the Total Unfunded Liability of the US Government?

Everybody talks about how much debt the US government has outstanding. But, you might be shocked to discover how much the US government has promised to pay in the future without having the funds to do so. These are what are called the unfunded liabilities and are quite staggering in amount.

A Growing Demand For Diamond Certificates – A Trend Reinforced by the Financial Recession

Though the 2008-2009 economic recession is behind us to some extent, diamond consumers have become more cautious and aware of consumer traps. Diamond certificates are in high demand in recent years and with new financial obstacles it seems that more consumers insist on becoming educated and not settle for a diamond that doesn’t have reliable diamond grading report.

Help With Credit Card Debt – Where Can Consumers Turn For Legitimate Credit Card Debt Help?

Do you need help with your credit card debt? If so, you will find that you have many choices. A few of those credit card debt relief choices are outlined below.

Pricing a Convertible Bond

A convertible bond is a complex derivative, it is difficult to price due to its embedded multiple features including equity and fixed income characteristics, conversion, callability, etc. To accurately evaluate it requires a model taking all these features into account, which is time-consuming and prone to error.

Guru’s Codes – Part 2

I’ve dealt with step one in Guru’s Codes Part 1. Let me go on to the next step, which is doing what you have learned. The doing aspect is actually to get the confidence that you fully understand what you have learned. But, there is a short cut to learning it, and let me quickly share that with you now.

Suitable Financial Plans From Independent Financial Advisers

Independent Financial Advisers or IFAs are professionals who suggest independent advice on financial subjects to their clients and recommend suitable financial plans from the whole of the market. Usually an Independent Financial Advisers will conduct a detailed survey of their client’s financial position, preferences and objectives; this is sometimes known as a fact find.

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