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Non Status Business Bank Accounts – For Upcoming Entrepreneurs

Non status business bank accounts are designed in such a way that it provides all the basic banking facilities to the account holder regardless of their poor credits and non status tag. Through these accounts anyone can open bank account to manage its business finances.

Bond Yields Laddered to 8 Percent Level on Devolvement

Devolvement – is a mechanism used by Reserve Bank of India as part of its monetary policy to counter the volatility in the price of Government Securities. Under this mechanism Primary dealers would have to absorb the underwritten amount, when the bid prices are unacceptable to the RBI.

A Guide to Writing and Getting Cheap Checks

There are still times when you have to write a check, hence the need to know where they can be acquired. Discover how to get cheap checks and where to get discounts. Take the right steps to writing a check and avoid problems with your bank.

Understanding the Time Value of Money

Recently, I was attending a lovely event hosted by Aloft Hotel and VIP Williamson County Magazine. The event was on St. Patrick’s Day and was organized as a means to introduce ourselves to the community and share some Luck-O-The-Irish!

How To Detect And Prevent Fraud

The greatest challenge facing the banking industry globally today is fraud. The banking industry loses billions of dollars annually to fraudulent activities.

Potential Bankruptcy Hits the Big Screen – Sinking MGM Gets More Time to Settle Tremendous Debt

On Mach 31st, the once major film studio, MGM, now struggling, with its head barely above water, won a bonus six weeks to pay their off their enormous debt; and consider options including, according to the New York Times, plans to give control to some of its lenders, some major bids (Time Warner and Len Blavatnik), potential takeovers as well as quite possibly, filing for bankruptcy. Though MGM used to take in roughly $500 million a year from both its film and television libraries, as of last year, MGM is nearly $3.7 billion in debt.

Predatory Financing

Predator is one that preys, destroys or devours, relating to, or practicing plunder, pillage or rapine, showing disposition to injure or exploit others for personal gain. Prey is one that is helpless or unable to resist attack. Thousands of credit card holders became innocent victims of credit card companies.

Rise of Coupons

Printing and cutting coupons is a great affordable way to continue to buy products and use services that you still love. More and more people are cutting coupons for groceries, home improvement items, and their favorite restaurants.

An Adaptation-Based Approach to the Analysis of the Financial Advertisements

This paper is a tentative study of exploring the fulfillment of persuading function in the financial advertisements. It is hoped that the present study can be of assistance to the understanding of financial advertisements and the production of financial advertisements.

Guaranteed Bank Accounts – No Restriction in Your Way

Guaranteed bank accounts give the assurance to provide you new bank account irrespective of your credit problems. These accounts come with various benefits that help you to manage your financial life and rebuild your credibility.

Online Appointment Scheduler For Financial Advisor

Job of a financial advisor is very crucial. The relevance and effectiveness of his advice reflects in our finances and economy in a crucial way. It is very important for him to focus entirely on his job.

Social Stability Under the Current World Financial Crisis in China

In the social transition period of China, some social contradictions are increasingly exposed, which are the potential threat to social stability. Due to the influence of the world financial crisis, the development of China faces serious test. Economic growth slowdown and employment pressure increases, rising unemployment rate, the number of migrant workers who return to rural areas is increasing, and such phenomena are directly affected by the economic crisis, but behind these phenomena, hidings the most dangerous factors which influence the stability of the society.

Behavioral Insights For Your Practice

Do you know your clients? In pressured times can you reliably predict the behavior of your clients? How is your ability to manage your clients when they are feeling stressed by market conditions or life transitions?

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