The American Coin – A Fascinating Historical Journey

The history of the coin goes back much further than that quarter you’re jingling in your pocket. It’s got a whole mess of history tied up in those little ridges.

Silver Quarters – 4 Reasons Why They’ll Rock Your Socks Off

Silver quarters are the most beautiful kind you can buy. But they’re more than just beautiful — they’re a great investment. Read on to find out how.

Mint Sets – How to Get More Out of Collecting Coins

Collecting coins is as easy as buying a candy bar; you don’t need a special introduction, fancy books or a whole pile of money to get into the hobby of gathering change. You could very well have a rare or interesting quarter in your pocket right now (feel free to check – I’ll wait!). However, if you’re looking to become a more serious numismatist, you very well might want to look into purchasing mint sets.

A Coin Shop Will Try To Rip You Off – 4 Ways To Avoid It

Dishonest vendors are an unfortunate part of life; no matter where you go, or what you’re buying, there’s a chance that people are going to try to take advantage of you. Coin shops are no different; while there are many reputable and upstanding people who buy and sell rare and interesting coinage, there are others who will create and/or take opportunities to deceive you about the value of your change.

An American Coin Has More Uses Than You Think

The typical American coin is worth far more than some arbitrary number of cents. If you’re like me, you find new an inventive uses for those little pieces of metal stuck in your couch cushions and lining the floors of your fancy cars. They can be grooming tools, craft supplies, fun social games, and even lessons in history.

Easy Ways To Save Money

Balancing a family budget can sometimes feel like a superhuman feat of accounting. There are so many bills to pay, groceries to purchase, clothes to buy that it often may seem like a never-ending pit of drained finances. But it doesn’t have to be.

The Gold Standard and the Federal Reserve Act

After more than a century, the United States finally accepted the folly of a bimetallic standard. The disruptions and interference in commerce finally led Congress to abandon silver and adopt a single standard, the gold standard. However, this was not the end of meddling in monetary matters for the United States legislators. The gold standard was merely a temporary stop on a grander and more ambitious scheme for controlling the finances of the country. The ultimate goal would be a super bank, a central bank, the Federal Reserve.

All There Is To Know About An Initial Public Offering

An initial public offering also known an IPO is an first time offering that is made when a company issues common stock to the public. When a company becomes publicly traded, an IPO is issued and stocks become available for sale. This typically happens for new start up companies that are looking to raise capital. Or it can be the result of a company that is looking to expand its operations and needs the additional capital.

Financial Glossary – What’s the Meaning of “Securitization”?

Securitization is a common financing technique in finance. Do you know how it works? And do you know where this term comes from? Start learning economics from its words.

Financial Glossary – Do You Know What a Merchant Bank Is?

Do you really know what a merchant bank is? Do you know the difference between a merchant bank and a traditional commercial bank? An introduction to economics and finance.

Social Security and Prudent Financial Planning – Friends Or Foes?

August 14, 2010 marked the 75th anniversary of Social Security, and since then national political debate has been heavily focused on the future of the program. Unfortunately, very few economists and financial analysts are making mention of the fact that a heavy dependence on Social Security benefits is not prudent financial planning, regardless of the stability of the program.

Interest Bearing Checking Accounts Info

Are you in search of interest bearing checking accounts? If you are, then you can check out reliable guides to get some valuable information or you can learn the basics on bank services. You will be focusing more on the financial transactions like that of withdrawal services, receiving deposits, transferring of account balances, loan payment collections, granting loans, etc. This will also include the deposit account or more commonly known as checking account.

Refinancing, Second Mortgages, and Remortgages

For most homeowners, their house is their greatest asset. When an emergency comes up, therefore, it’s also where they turn; why take out a high interest loan when you can borrow against your equity? Of course, the danger in doing so is that you put your house on the line if you can’t make the payments, but for people with stable income who are experiencing the need for extra cash, this can be a good option.

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