Make Big Money

If you’re sort of money then you’ll need this. Take a look at this article and see if it interests you.

If You Think a Government Grant Is Easy To Get – You Had Better Read This

The fact is that there are thousands of grants available, but they are primarily through the federal government to encourage research and development or human-resource services. Be prepared – it often takes a lot of work to apply for a grant.

Getting Back On Track After Bankruptcy

What you can do to get back on track after bankruptcy.

Bank of America Credit Cards

The introduction of credit cards has brought a revolution in the payment system. The conventional way of purchasing things with cash is done away with and what can be more convenient than buying items on credit and repaying the amount after a month from the day you have bought the item?

Webconference Applications For Finance

The image of the title “CFO” (Chief Finance Officer) no longer corresponds to that of a severe auditor who authorizes minimal expense, and who is always waiting for revenues, behind closed doors.

Tax Return Online Is There For Proper Guidance

Tax return online has helped the tax filers to a large extent. This service will assist you in going on the right direction file your taxes.

No Deposit Home Loan

Learn how to find the best Home Loan Australia has to offer.

The “5 By 5” (Renew A Fixed Five Year Mortgage Five Times) Mortgage Strategy (Pret Hypothecaire)

As the name indicates this strategy involves mortgaging a home with a five year fixed mortgage loan and then renewing it for the same term at the end of each mortgage, (prêt hypothecaire) that is to say, every five years.Go into any bank or call any broker and if you ask them for the best rate, they will routinely give you the five year fixed rate as if it were understood that you wanted the five year fixed rate.

How Is Your Home Loan Consultant – Courtier Hypothecaire – Paid?

Brokers have to earn a living, just as the other professionals you work with, but they are paid by the lending institution that they place the mortgage (Intelligence Hypotheque) with. This payment is based solely on the size of the loan, not on the interest earned on the loan. A $200,000 loan will earn two times as much in commissions as a $100,000 loan.) So there is no incentive for the broker to increase the rate, and he has no influence over the size of the mortgage.

Financial Literacy – Political Agenda Priority One

Politicians looking to create a personal legacy have missed the elephant in the room – Financial Literacy. It needs to be top of their to do list. Here’s why.

Proactive Option Trading

The vast majority of option traders consistently lose most, if not all of their investment. Options traders need to develop a new mindset and learn to trade options proactively, instead of passively, and position themselves on the winning side, once and for all.

Reclaiming Unlawful Bank Charges

Ever been charged by your bank for a late payment, a bounced check or a failed direct debit? Did you know that the majority of bank charges are unlawful and can be claimed back? This article details what you need to do in order to reclaim these charges from your bank.

Are You A Slave To Money?

What is your relationship to money? Is money your comfort, your god, your friend, your master, servant, lover?

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