Anonymous Bank Transactions for Offshore Accounts

Many of us wonder how truly effective offshore banking is. Basically it is a bank account that is opened outside of your own country. Just like those fictional characters that you see all too often in movies or read in books, offshore banking has its own ways may it be an advantage or disadvantage.

Capitalizing On The Greatest Wealth Transfer In History

So what’s been going on for the past 3 years? I thought Obama declared this ‘recession’ over when he took time out of his day to sit down and chat with those nice ladies on ‘The View’. I mean… They bailed out the banks, the car companies, and the housing industry. They gave me cash for my clunker, and a nice little tax credit for buying my first house. I’ve lived through a few recessions in my time, and came out the other side just fine, so can we just get back to shopping yet!?” That’s how most Americans view this “recession,” but what they don’t realize is that we’re not experiencing a recession… We’re experiencing the mother of all wealth cycles that will end (as a cycle of this type historically does) with… 1: Deflation that will put the Great Depression to shame. 2: Hyperinflation that will destroy the US Dollar. Or BOTH, in the form of a “Hyperinflationary Depression”, like Michael Maloney and Robert Kiyosaki predict.

Finding Out More About Anonymous Transactions

Anonymous transactions are believed to provide financial freedom and power to whoever is practicing it. For many who would also want to know how the service works, curiosity allows them to want to learn more about it.

Medical Debt Settlement – Why Debt Settlement Deals Are Easier To Get Now

Medical debt settlement, these days everyone is talking about it because it is undoubtedly a golden chance to get rid of massive medical liabilities. Medical debt settlement as its name suggests a sophisticated process of dialogues being enacted between you and your creditors in order to reach at final agreeable repayment plan. Medical debt settlement is not only being supported by federal government but it also being welcomed by creditors.

What Exactly Was PPI And Where’s The Fuss?

Many people have paid extra money for the safety net of Payment Protection Insurance, whether they wanted it or not. So, what exactly was this insurance and why did it cause such a big fuss?

What PPI Options Might You Have Bought?

Payment Protection Insurance has been sold in several forms and for a variety of reasons. But, what could you have bought and what should you be looking out for?

How to Choose Among Bookkeeping and Accounting Services

Bookkeeping and accounting in general are considered to be the same set of services. In business terms, bookkeeping is regarded as a subset of accounting services.

How Do I Find the Right Ethical Investments?

The problem with ethical investment is that it is on a sliding scale – from light green investments to the more strict dark green investments, and all shades in between. What industries and activities may be included under the various shades of ethical?

Financial Tips for Young Adults

Young adults in their 20s and early 30s face bigger challenges than ever before in gaining financial security. In the UAE young expats have more disposable income than their ‘back home’ counterparts, there are a plethora of tempting pleasure goodies you can waste your money on – eating out, clubbing, fast cars etc. So before you go wild here are three top financial tips to help you manage your money and plan for your future…

Why Work With a Fee-Only Financial Advisor?

When you accept professional advice on how to invest, save, and grow your hard-earned money, you have certain expectations from your financial advisor: expertise, professionalism, ethics, and independent, sound financial advice. Fee-Only Advisors do not work on commissions nor sell products, so you can rest assured that you are getting independent, unbiased, sound financial advise.

Consumer Credit Counseling Services – Does This Debt Relief Option Work For Me?

The need of consumer credit counseling services has rose parallel to the world economic meltdown which is already causing a number of problems to many consumes. As facts like recession has encouraged mass unemployment which is the root cause of massive unsettled bills, the number of consumers who opt for appropriate relief methods has been increased. Therefore, it is mandatory to have a sound and healthy debt relief option for many consumers in the present.

Using Financial Derivatives – Why Practice Makes Perfect And How Technology Can Help

Financial derivatives contracts are complex. They have embedded gearing, non-linearity and explosiveness. Warren Buffett referred to derivatives as financial Weapons of Mass Destruction with good reason.

Bank Accounts Types – Learn The Differences Before Opening An Account

The business of banking is to be able to get depositors to put their money in the bank and pay them interest, then to loan out that money at a higher rate. Their main business is getting deposits and granting loans. There are four different types of deposit accounts at a bank. They are savings account, certificate of deposit, money market and a checking account. Try to make sure you don’t pay any fees at the bank, they will have fee structures for you to read, study this carefully. Check to see if they have a minimum balance and what those amounts are. Usually Credit Unions have minimum balance starting at $1 and banks at or over $1,000.

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