Saylor Believes Biden Successfully “Greenlit” Bitcoin (Ripple Announces MASSIVE XRP UPDATE)

NRI Bank For All Your Financial Transactions!

Despite of being away from home, you may have to carry out necessary financial transactions. To be able to do this at ease you must have an NRI bank account.

Tips For Choosing Credit Card Deals

What is a good credit card deal? Is it just something that your friend has been talking about? Or is it the latest credit card deal that you see in advertisements?

Investment Plans – NRI Opportunities!

Make profits by investing in your home town. You don’t have to be physically present in your home town in order to invest in PSEs, debentures and other sectors. Stay overseas and improve your financial health.

EMI Calculation

Equated Monthly Installment or simply EMI is the fixed monthly installment paid for the loan taken on a fixed date which includes Interest component for the period and a contribution towards the Principal loan amount. EMI is arrived as such that by paying the fixed amounts or EMIs for the agreed loan period or loan tenure the total loan amount along with interest is cleared. When the last EMI is paid the loan is cleared or outstanding becomes zero.

Five Ways to Significantly Save Money

A person can save money effectively in different ways. Consider these ideas.

How to Get Money Free

Many people who are unable to meet all their requirements in life due to lack of money, will be really benefited if they got free money. But getting free money by legal means is not simple and no one would even believe that they can get money for free without doing anything. But the truth is that there are a few ways by which people can get this money. Many people who are in dire need of financial assistance can get money very easily from the government and from other philanthropic agencies.

Quantitative Finance Reading List – Theoretical Foundations

This is the first part in a multi-part series on textbooks suitable for becoming a quantitative analyst. The remaining parts will focus on implementation, further mathematical excursions, interview skills and numerical methods. This article will concentrate on the theory of financial engineering for those who have not had an exposure to finance before.

Learning Foreign Currency Investing

Now we have all heard of the saying that you must by no means run before you may stroll and never has that been more appropriate than when put to studying currency trading. It is a very unhappy incontrovertible fact that the foreign exchange industry really will not be the place the vast majority of people, who give it a strive, make their money. Most people do fall on the first hurdle and there’s a very good reason for this – they soar straight into trades without looking.

Phone Insurance and the War is on As Online Philosophers Battle it Out on the Net

The exchange of free thought has always been an intriguing thing to any one who has a philosophical mind. But being able to have “so called” wisdom and knowledge to differentiate a fact from a fallacy from a statement seems to be the machismo way for these self professed philosophers who are gradually making their scene in the World Wide Web. While philosophy simply means “love or pursuit of wisdom” and that is what a true philosopher would be doing, now a days people rationalizing and bashing each others beliefs online are now considered, would you believe, being a philosopher!

Factoring Financing – Three Things You Need to Know About Receivable Financing in Canada

You have made the decision to consider factoring financing as an overall business financing strategy. In some cases you may be factoring and receivable financing currently, but are not happy with a number of key issues that weren’t discussed when you set up your facility.

Financial Spread Trading For Beginners

Why do so many beginning spread traders fail? One reason is because they do not understand how the financial markets truly work. And they usually do not search out techniques that match their own personality. Here, I explain how to get a handle on getting set up for success.

Why Ecommerce Credit Card Processing is Indispensable

Lately, people are spending more and more time on the internet. This has made the net one of the best means for marketing.

Economic Depression

In today’s economy, it’s smart to be a saver. Putting aside 10% of your monthly income is wise.

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