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Role of Financial Advisors and Financial Planners

Insurance, funds, investments, business, retirement with so many financial goals to meet, making the right decisions can be quite a difficult task. This is where financial advisers and financial planners come in. Financial advisor and financial planners are professionals that can help you deal with various financial issues.

Go and Get Another One!

When life gets tough, as it often does. Go and get another one. After all that is said and done, more will be said than done. Think you lost a sale? Go and get another one!

Asset Tracking System Online – Ensure Security of Your Assets

Every year, a lot of finances are lost by companies and concerns which invest money in buying assets. How does this happen? Slight carelessness can lead to loss or poor working condition of these assets which thereby causes a loss to the owners.

Get the Best Software Asset Management Tool, Manage Assets Well

With the installation and assistance of the software asset management tool, the owners and the company can easily take care of their assets. Proper tracking, monitoring and good working condition of the assets can be easily maintained with the help of this software.

Get Online Service Asset Tracking and Be Free From Asset Worries

To safeguard the assets of any kind, asset-owners can now get online service asset tracking. This will help them in getting information at the right time; register any changes in movement and usage of the assets for future references.

The Bureau of Unclaimed Money

While most people struggle to make ends meet as they live life paycheck to paycheck, over $1 billion dollars of unclaimed money is sitting in an account waiting to be claimed. This article tells you how you can own a piece of it.

Offshore Banking Explained

Offshore banking can be somewhat of an enigma for people who think foreign accounts are for the seriously rich. This article discusses the merits of offshore accounts – and find out who uses them, why they use them and where.

Business Accounts Mean Business

Business accounts are as simple to manage as regular current accounts but come with a few extras – some good and some not so good. Here we take a look under the bonnet of business banking. Unsure about business finance?

5 Common College Planning Mistakes

When paying for college, parents often make common mistakes that end up costing them financially. Listed below are five tips parents should read to avoid making these common mistakes.

Tough Economy Challenges Stay-At-Home Moms

Twenty-five years ago when I was raising children, I frequently felt torn between wanting to be at home with my kids and needing to contribute to the family income. It was a delicate dance that required my tracking whether I was actually making money or just paying the babysitter. At one point I realized that the full time job I had was only netting me $50 dollars more a month than I would have gotten by staying home and getting public assistance.

Selling Your Account Receivables For Cash Flow Relief

What could possibly be bad about account receivables? Well, waiting for them to be paid by your clients. While you wait, your own creditors are drumming their fingers on the table and getting grumpy about you paying them.

Is Buying Hotel Rooms Right For You? Five Reasons Why it Might Be

The idea that you can buy hotel rooms isn’t new but it’s certainly one of the newer aspects of the overseas property market. It can be a great investment but should you buy hotel rooms? Here’s five reasons you should consider it.

Integrity Lost – Integrity Found

As a fourth generation banker, I literally grew up at our local bank in Pensacola, Florida, The Citizens & Peoples National Bank. I can’t remember a time in my early childhood when I didn’t dream about being the president of this great company.

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