Is That Financial Advisor Right for You?

There are many things to look at with a financial advisor. Make sure to ask the right questions and to get the right information before you proceed with anyone.

Banks for Teens and Young Adults

Teens and young adults need banks too. It is not easy and can be scary for some young people to go and find a place to put their money.

Half of America’s Dying Broke – Part II

  My previous commentary on this subject was on an article titled “Half of Americans Die With Almost No Money” by Andrea Coombes which cited a National Bureau of Economic Research report that found that almost 50% of US retirees die with less than $10,000 in cash savings. The report’s main highlights were that: – Things weren’t as bad as they seemed because many who die with less have comfortable retirements because of pension plans and social security payments. – Though, those without pension plans and with low social security payments struggle profoundly through…

What Happens If I Cannot Pay My IVA?

Every year in the UK tens of thousands of people start an IVA (individual voluntary arrangement) to help them manage personal debts which have become too expensive to service. For many people an IVA allows them to escape an extremely difficult situation which might be causing great stress and worry. However, what happens if your circumstances later change and you cannot afford to pay into your IVA?

Can a Debt Be a Reason For a Break Up?

You have heard the adage, “there is no such thing as good debt”. For the most part, that is very true. Debt is a bad thing to accumulate. But should it hurt your relationships?

Debt and Money Management – Differences Between Men and Women

Did you realise how gender can significantly affect the spending and saving behaviour of men and women? By reading this article, you get a grasp of knowledge about the factors which make men and women susceptible to debt, and how they manage their money and debt.

Private Equity Financing of Renewable Energy Projects

The current interest in renewable energy has escalated greatly. Now, private equity firms are taking much interest in investing in only renewable energy projects. This is also under the backdrop of the need to acquire more energy resources by the various giants of the world. Still, the recent credit crunch and the financial crisis led the utility companies into cash-strapped positions. Therefore, their requirements for quick cash and other capital investment in newer renewable energy projects were met by the private equity investors investing in these companies and their projects. However, the greatest focus has remained on investing in more mature projects such as those related to wind and solar energy.

Fed’s Short Term QE3 Fix May Cause Economy’s Long Term Demise

The move by the Fed may re-elect President Obama. The flood of new money expected will increase real estate and stock market prices and may create the illusion that American wealth is increasing and that the economy is indeed recovering. However, all that new money will also devalue the dollar and thereby increase the cost of oil and other dollar-denominated commodities, which costs will increase headwinds for the recovery.

Understanding The Savings and Loans Crisis

The economy is definitely in a slump that has lasted for a while now, and people are starting to go back and research the S&L crisis in order to compare and contrast then to now. The facts are quite simple though, the S&L crisis ended up causing the worst financial setback for this country since the Great Depression of 1929.

Half of America’s Dying Broke

I recently came across an article on The Wall Street Journal’s MarketWatch website that made me do a double-take. The article – “Half of Americans Die With Almost No Money” by Andrea Coombes – cites a National Bureau of Economic Research report that finds that almost 50% of US retirees die with less than $10,000 in cash savings. The report first talks about cash savings and later about net worth.

Four Things to Expect From an Investment Outsourcing Provider

In order to provide a fully implemented investment solution, a company needs to have fully diversified investment strategies which involve having a variety of fiduciary solutions. Non-profit organizations for example will find that leveraging the services provided by investment outsourcing providers will prevent them from having to incur costs related to internal resources as well as other financial constraints that come with in-house financial management practices.

How To Claim Your Blessing

As Christians, we are the descendants mentioned in Genesis 28:4. We have that same blessing. However, like Jacob, many of us are living as aliens in the land that belongs to us. How different would things be if we only realized that we are not alien tenants but actually owners of the blessing?

A Comparison of Direct Debits and Standing Orders

Most people who have bills, rent or mortgages to pay will likely either have Direct Debits and/or Standing Orders set up to meet their payments. However, they may not have ever taken the time to actually familiarise themselves with what each payment method is, how they work and what the differences are between them. The following article therefore aims to cover these aspects and highlight the uses of each.

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