Robinhood Fired 300+ People Because Bitcoin Revenue Dropped By 68%

Equity Release and Sleeping at Night

It’s a dilemma! Pensioners find it difficult understand how they can live in a £350,000 house but not have enough money to live on! Equity Release may help but how do you know what you are getting into? Here’s some expert advice…

Financial Economic Crisis – Turning Points

How to turn your own financial economic crisis around. Don’t let the financial economic crisis take control of you, you take control of it. Are taxes eating at you in this financial economic crisis?

The Advantages of an Offshore Banking Account

Have you ever considered putting your money into an offshore banking account? Many people with large tax obligations become curious about offshore banking accounts when they learn that their money is taxed at the same rate as the country in which it’s deposited. This can mean substantial tax savings for people who have moved their banking offshore to countries with low tax jurisdiction.

How Much Money Are You Worth?

In the times that we live in today, money matters are a big deal. The economy is dropping and good jobs are much more difficult to come by than they previously were. With so much concern about money and finances, this is an important time to know how much you are worth.

What Do You Feel Are Debt’s Negatives Or Positives?

Is debt negative or positive? Well, the positive side of debt is, it is easy money for the moment. But the negative side is we need to repay it. And most of the times we end up spending more than what we can afford. Read out the best possible ways to keep our debt under control.

Using Balance Transfers to Make Free Money

Many credit card companies offer promotions on balance transfers with very low interest rates, 0% in many cases. All you have to do is simply apply for a credit card to do a balance transfer and request the maximum credit limit available to you. Don’t be intimated by a big number, you are not going to spend this money and you are not going to lose it.

Will April 2009 Be Quantitative Or Qualitative?

With little left to invest in and most things having been taken over by the US government, back in January two analysts from the quantitative group at ING Investment Management in New York combined research and modeling expertise to hatch a diabolical plan: hit every Manhattan subway station in under 24 hours. Hedge fund analyst Matt Ferrisi and quant analyst Chris Solarz gathered notoriously faulty MTA schedule information, ran regression analysis, considered trillions of combinations and possibilities with sophisticated software, and ultimately plotted a route that would cover all 468 stops in 22 hours 45 minutes. …

Markets Weigh Options

Studying trading data last week had us remembering a story about two cowboys who were watching a herd of cattle that stampeded by. One says to the other, “What do you make of them critters, Vern?” Vern says, “Appears we’re too late to stop them. May hap we should join them.”

Bookkeeping is Not Only For Business

The term bookkeeping is enough to send people running for cover. Why is it that, of all the business tasks to perform, this one is the most popular when it comes to procrastination?

Asset Protection Planning – Why Go Offshore

Offshore asset protection planning normally involves the utilization of offshore trusts and other entities. Offshore planning generally raises justifiable concerns with respect to asset security and tax issues. The most efficacious manner to address these concerns is to make certain that you are receiving the best advice and counsel from a qualified expert in the area with expertise in the field and is recognized and regard by his peers.

Waiting For the Best Mortgage Rate Could Cost You A Lot

If you’ve been listening the news, you may be among the many people who are waiting to see mortgage rates hit 4.5% or possibly even less. Do you recognize mortgage rates that low may never actually happen. Are you aware how much money you are losing by not doing a refinance or outright purchase of a property right now. To make this point clear, we will first take a look at those of you considering a refinance, and then move on to look at those who are still waiting to buy a house.

5 Tips to Reduce Debt

Personal debt is advancingevery day with more people taking out store cards, credit cards and personal loans. While it can sometimes be quite tempting to take out a credit card to go shopping or on holiday it is often very difficult to make your repayments. If personal debt has become a problem for you here are a few tips to reduce debt that can be of use to you and can help you to play your debt much faster: * Try to speak to your creditors and see if you can arrange low monthly payment – often if you have …

Find Your Free Grant Money – Get a Government Grant to Pay Off Credit Cards

It can be easier than you think to find free government grant money that can help you eliminate your debt and start over financially. Each year the government has grants that are available to help people get out of debt. A lot of the money that is available goes unused each year because people are unaware that it is available for them. Make sure that you take advantage of getting free grant money so that you can become debt-free. Most people who have a lot of debt also have a lot of stress in their life and this can create a lot of medical issues. It is better to find a solution so that you do not have to worry about paying your monthly bills each month.

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