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Understanding the Great Recession Versus the Great Depression

Generally it negatively impacts on all the economic activities – investments, employment, profits etc. It is accompanied by sharp increase in price of goods and when the recession drags on for some time with acute pain it is named economic depression. Economic collapse is when the entire economy breaks down.

Estate Sales – How to Plan a Successful Auction

Estate sales usually take the form of auctions when valuable items are involved. While typically for liquidating the assets of a person who has passed on, these sales can also be held if the owner has a need to dispossess themselves of their personal property in order to relocate or raise cash. Planning a successful formal estate sale is a complex endeavor requiring many time-consuming tasks. For this reason, many people choose to hire an estate sale planning company.

Auction Basics

An auction kicks off systematically. The auctioneer’s rattles are the traditional signal almost everyone knows about. This rattle can be in the form of a bell or a rapid fire. The auctioneer often uses a microphone to amplify this signal for a dramatic effect. This is very important, since there is a need to attract the attention of all prospective bidders who are interested in buying the properly being auctioned.

The Worst Mistake Made by Traders

Today we frequently hear stories about traders blowing out their entire accounts or about people who started with 100k only to have it near 20k within a very short period. Time and time again, when I talk to people about trading or my career, I often hear phrases like “It’s way too risky for me…”

Active Vs Passive Income? No Active and Passive Income

In general, if you receive income (or losses) from a business but are not an active participant in the business, it is passive income. So why do I need both? Well, to get a good passive income online, it is going to take some time and energy and some cash. Keep the active income flowing while working on the passive income. You ask, if I have active income, why do I need passive income?

Unsuspecting Businessmen Refinance Banks

A pre-budget report just before an election is never going to be too painful. If we expected anything other than vote winning ideas we were unrealistic in our expectations. Such was my lack of interest; I avoided doing any of my normal phone ins and newspaper/website contributions and went to watch Snow Patrol with the children in Belfast.

28,876 Pounds – Cost to Use an Estate Agent Financial Adviser

Buying a home, and in turn ascertaining which are the best financial solutions for your family is rated one of the most stressful scenarios you can possibly go through. It is most amazing the sales tricks that are applied by salesmen at estate agents who now seem to be ‘financial advisers’.

A Modest Proposal to the Fortunate 1%

The distribution of wealth in the United States has become more and more unequal since the mid 1970’s. Wealth is not income, it’s the stuff people own; houses, cars, money in the bank, stocks, bonds, etc as opposed to income which is money earned from work, rent, dividends etc. The United States has by far the most unequal distribution of wealth in the entire industrialized world.

Government Grants For Individuals – How to Apply

Masses of government grants for individuals are passed, holding several millions to the needy people, every year. But you should be an American and with the age of above 18 years.

How Free Prepaid Debit Cards Serve the Needs of the Underserved Market

The advent of free prepaid debit cards offers the underserved market the conveniences of having a credit card. This service accommodates those with poor credit rating, and facilitates a more disciplined way of handling finances.

How to File For Unemployment in Rhode Island?

Unemployment need not be the end of the world. If you’re a resident of Rhode Island and you’ve suddenly been laid off, you have the option of approaching the Rhode Island Department of Labor and Training. While the State of Rhode Island would not be able to support you for a very long time, the money that you can get, can help you survive those weeks or months that you’re looking for new work.

Top Financial Education Resources

A large number of people are finding it difficult to make it from paycheck to paycheck right now. The main problem is a deficiency in money skills. Lack of knowledge has led to debt, poor credit, and retirement shortages.

Bad Economy

It is imperative that we treat and do better in terms of comforting these uncertainty times and taking it as a creative challenge. Thus, it calls for getting used to these conditions and adopting a forethought planning.

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