College Kids Targeted As New Credit Card Users

Do you have a son or daughter in college? If so, they’ve probably been bombarded with credit card offers. Credit card issuers are offering a variety of incentives to entice college students into opening accounts.

Who Can Get Government Grants? (Free Money You Never Repay)

There’s a big difference between a government grant and a loan – the biggest being that this is cash that individuals can receive that never has to be repaid. The money is available, which millions of people are claiming, but you have to know how…

Keeping Accounts Level in the Recession

Businesses in the United Kingdom are continuing to be hit by the economic downturn and the longer it goes on the harder some are finding it to be able to cope. Books are being scrutinised as accountants look for ways to save and scrimp to stay fighting another day. Where some are struggling, others have failed.

Quantitative Easing – Questions Answered

How soon will quantitative easing take effect? That’s an impossible question to respond to. Normal credit channels such as lowering interest rates take 6-9 months to have an impact and sometimes as long as 18 months to have the full impact. Depending on what companies choose to do with their cash and lower borrowing rates, the effect could be quicker or slower.

Reassuring Bank Customers Through Training – Getting Past IndyMac

Following the collapse of IndyMac, American consumers have been in a state of panic. Now, banks too are in a state of anxiety as they find themselves with the challenge of reassuring customers that their institution will not be the next IndyMac. The best solution for both of these problems is proper training of bank personnel.

Productivity Strategies in Banking Operations During Recessionary Times

In a business world fraught with layoffs, budget and staff cuts, acquisitions and mergers, uncertainty abounds. Bank operations managers are asking themselves: “What if these cuts hit my department? How can I do more with less?” The need for efficiency in bank operations has never been greater.

How to Get Federal Grants For Women

The government of America offers a number of free grants for a number of people. Billions of dollars are given out as grants. The free federal grants for women are also a good option for all the American women and most of the women would like to take the opportunity as well as the advantage of the grants.

Difference Between the Government Grants and Loans

The government of a country tries its best to make life easy for the country men. They usually help the people with lots of grants and other advantages so that the people do not face hardships. There are various kinds of government grants and loans available to the people of America as well as Australia and even to the people of UK. They get a lot of facilities from their government regarding their studies, business, research and much more.

Banking is a Safe Bet For 21st Century Savers

The days of storing money under mattresses are long gone, thanks to a heightened sense of trust regarding banking institutions. A combination of technology, strict regulations and deposit guarantees mean that savings have never been so safe.

The Deflation Monster and Why it Will Stay Locked Away

Will prices start falling and send the economy into a dangerous tailspin? The article defines deflation and its dangers, but the analysis suggests we are not headed over this cliff.

Get Approved For Government Grants For Small Business – Pay For Start Up Costs

Government grants for small business can help you start or expand your endeavor and help you pursue your dream. Applying for these grants can be a long process, but they can also provide you with $50,000 or more to spend on your business.

Minority Grants and Loans – Money That Never Has to Be Paid Back

Minority grants allow individuals to claim the cash they need for their personal use, and these funds never have to be paid back. Whether the goal is to pay down debt, go back to school, or to buy a new home, minority grant programs provide tax-free money to those who meet the eligibility requirements.

How To Make Bank Deposits A Safe Cover

When rumours about the financial health of a private bank began to circulate, people queued up at the bank’s ATMs in the wee hours to withdraw money. One of my friends who had large sums parked in fixed deposits with the bank called to enquire about the rumour.

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