Raoul Pal Gives Critical Warning For Changing Markets: The Economy Is Weakening!

The Public Option in Banking – How We Can Beat Wall Street at Its Own Game

President Obama has repeated his call for a public option in health care, in order to create some competition for the insurance companies and keep them honest. We the people need to call for a public option in banking, in order to create some competition for the private banks and keep them honest.

Get Your Money Back – Reclaiming Unfair Bank Charges

Banks are known to unfairly charge their customers “extortionate fees” so that a lot of people are having a hard time saving money. These fees also potentially drive many customers even deeper into debt. A lot of people may not be aware but you can actually be compensated for these charges.

Dealing With Financial Problems

With the economy taking its toll on businesses and families, there is a lot of potential work for Plano debt relief companies. So many people in Texas are working to try to find methods to save money or to get by with the little they have. For some individuals, it makes more sense to downsize completely and start again. In this circumstance, an individual or a business may want to look into finding a Plano bankruptcy lawyer.

The Series 7 Examination

If you are interested in selling securities in the United States and want to enter in the world of securities properly, you must have completed the examination called Series 7. Earlier, it was known as the General Securities Representative Examination. The examination is designed by the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and accepted by FINRA.

Adjusting Value Propositions in Times of Crisis – Lessons For Banks

It is widely accepted than in order to be successful in competitive retail markets, providers need to define a clear value proposition that outlines the complete range of benefits and experiences a customer can expect to receive from the institution. A clear and differentiated value proposition plays a key role in enabling a financial institution to define and achieve its strategic objectives. However during times of crisis customer needs and shareholder expectations change, driving the need to revisit the value proposition to ensure that it adequately addresses the updated requirements of the financial institution’s key stakeholders.

Consolidate Bills to Avoid Collector’s Embarrassing Tactics

Finding people in credit card debt is not an uncommon phenomenon. Many people are now unable to deal with their card bills due to recession and bulging inflation. If you are also one of those people, you should not take things lightly, as it is important to do something to get rid of this debt.

Recasting a Loan, Repayment Plans, and Charging Off a Mortgage

Most homeowners are aware of the basic ways to stop a foreclosure – refinancing, obtaining a loan modification, selling the house, or filing bankruptcy. But depending on the circumstances, there may be more options available in special cases.

Financial Crisis – Turning Points Part 2

Did you know that you can make toys out of just about anything. That’s right, if you ever look at stormy weather and see people outside with their umbrellas being blown in the opposite direction and the person getting frustrated because they can’t get the umbrella fixed and they just throw it down, next time you see someone throw their umbrella down go over and pick it up. Why, do you ask?

Free, Available Grant Money From the Government You Never Pay Back – Claim $10,000 in Cash Grants

Wouldn’t it be great to receive a $10,000 check in the mail that you never have to pay back? That’s happening every day to the millions of Americans that have applied for and received free grant money. Every year the government and private foundations give away billions of dollars to help individuals, college students and small business owners achieve their goals. Here’s how you can see if you qualify…

Which Conveyancing Firm is Right For You?

Since conveyancing in Australia is such a complex, intricate process, having the right professionals at your side can be priceless. Figuring out which conveyancing firm is right for you is easier to do when you know what to look for. The following tips can help guide you towards hiring a conveyancing firm that will genuinely help you in beneficial ways.

Nine Financial Terms You Need to Know

When you’re asking for capital to start or expand your business, it’s important to know the key financial terms the financiers use and what these terms actually mean. I’ve included a brief summary of these financial terms to help you in your efforts.

Can Single Invoice Factoring Help Your Small Business Cover Health Care?

Accounts receivable financing for small businesses can convert their accounts receivables into cash on delivery, which can help pay for health care costs for their employees. New research has been released revealing that 17 percent of small businesses currently do not offer health coverage due to the red tape and high costs. Successful health reform could yield some serious benefits for small businesses in the United States.

Credit Repair Companies Checklist

If you suffer with problem credit, a good credit repair company can help. But beware of scams. Here are three tips for choosing a trustworthy company.

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