Prime Brokerage

Identified as assistance sold by investment bank to hedge funds, prime brokerage has core services that normally appear in a package. They have the likes of global custody, securities lending, financing, customized technology and operational support.

Brokerage Boats

Using agent assisted brokerage boats is a great way of selling and purchasing yachts. Yet for the benefit of the brokerage boats buyer or seller, it may be necessary outline the distinction between the ‘brokerage boats/yachts’ from the ‘brokerage boat/yacht charter’ first and foremost.

Aircraft Brokerage

Who says only real estate have brokerage? Planes may not be as hot as real estates are but there definitely is such a thing as aircraft brokerage.

Brokerage for International Shipping

There are several types of brokerage – foreign exchange (forex) brokerage, stocks, commodity, real estate (including hotel brokerage), mortgage, insurance, boat and yacht charter, and ship brokerage. The latter, which is most comprehensively referred to as brokerage for international shipping or ship brokerage is distinguishable from the other types as it is markedly categorized as part of the shipping industry.

The Digital Age Brokerage Model

We are now in the digital age. All nations now converge on the WWW. What better way to make business? Traditional business models have now been changing as rapidly as the change in technology.

Brokerage Fee

You want to open a brokerage account but you can not seem to have a good conviction about the brokerage fee and account minimums. Yet you are certain that you want to start with a brokerage-trade. So what should you do?

Online Brokerage

Even with the large number of hitches that the online brokerage industry has been in focus for, there is still a large growth in the number of people that would rather trade online.

Best Brokerage Firms

Based in Morris County, New Jersey, The Daily Record reviews the best brokerage firms around the brokerage world.

Some Really Easy Ways to Make Money

Attaining money has always been a problem, no doubt about that. But the real problem is that we have our own selves to blame for making money such a problem. It has something to do with our preposterous habits of taking blue collar or white collar jobs and expecting them to be enough to earn as much as we need.

Working Capital Management

Financial management decisions are divided into the management of assets (investments) and liabilities (sources of financing), in the long-term and the short-term. It is common knowledge that a firm’s value cannot be maximized in the long run unless it survives the short run.

How to Pawn for Cash – What to Expect

When you are in need of CASH you can pawn your personal items for a quick cash loan. Getting cash on the valuables you already own is easy. Knowing what to say and how much to ask for will get you more money.

Where To Find Small Business Grants For Your Start-Up

Grants are given every year for a variety of reasons, from small business start-ups, continuing education, preserving historic monuments, to art. Business grants are usually given to applicants that have a solid business plan, and the more detailed the reports are, the better chance of getting the grant.

How To Make The Home Buying Decision Easier

Purchasing a home can be a very big decision. There are many things that you need to consider when purchasing a home. Nothing about this process is easy. First you have to decide where you want to be located, and what you want your house to have.

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