Grand Cayman Islands to Take a Hit from Tropical Storm Gamma

The Grand Cayman Islands generally known for their offshore banking accounts is going to take yet another hit this record breaking 2005 Tropical Hurricane Season. This time from late season Greek Alphabet Tropical Storm Gamma, which is quite a large system and growing.

Here’s How Factoring is Better than a Loan or Line of Credit

If you are having cash flow problems and can’t qualify for a bank loan or line of credit, look into factoring. It is a fast and a very inexpensive way to get money to run your business. The big companies do it, why don’t you?

Merchant Account for Restaurant Owners

A merchant account for restaurant owners may be just the thing to help your business grow. If you have experimented with several marketing techniques and feel that you are ready to venture into e-commerce, this might be the venue you need to help your business really take off and start bringing in high-level profits.

High Volume Merchant Account

When your business grows to the point where it is ready to move into the electronic age, you should give some thought to opening a high volume merchant account to expand your company’s potential. A merchant account will allow you to partner with a local bank or another financial institution to provide credit card processing payment options to online customers through the company Website.

Don’t Just Set Your Goals; Achieve Them!

With 2006 nearly upon us, many people use this time to look optimistically towards the year ahead by setting financial goals and planning for the future. For many of us, achieving our goals is more of a lofty dream than a reality; but it is never too late to change that trend.

Internet Banking Security and Safety

Many people hesitate to take advantage of Internet banking because they aren’t confident it is a safe and secure method for conducting financial business. Fortunately Internet banking is extremely safe and becoming safer and more secure every day. Currently the Internet sends information from computer to computer using unsecured lines of communication. Normally that would allow anyone to access information transferred from one computer to another.

Internet Banking Vs Traditional Banking

Internet banking works much like traditional banking. The primary difference is you are accessing your account and information, making payments and reconciling statements using your computer rather than paper or the phone to complete transactions. Instead of going down to your local branch office when you bank online you can accomplish multiple tasks at once with the click of a button.

Ideal Candidates For Internet Banking

Internet banking works well for just about anyone, but for some people Internet banking is better suited than for others. If you are someone who has dozens of bills to pay every month, you’ll probably benefit from online banking. Online banking will save you time and money. You can streamline your banking and payment processes with the click of a button and keep track of statements and payments without a huge paper trail. For many this tiny benefit is enough to convert them to Internet banking.

Internet Banking Using Internet Only Banks

Most people are familiar with Internet banking through their local branch office. Most traditional banks offer some form of online or Internet banking services. Fortunately you have another choice. You can sign up for an Internet only bank. Many people are choosing Internet only services because they are convenient, offer free bill paying online and usually offer far more free services than traditional banks do. Most for example offer free checking that is actually free (no hidden fees or conditions).

Time Banking – A New Alternative

Time banking is a relative new concept whose foundation is the exchange of services rather than currency. Even if it’s probable that time banking won’t replace monetary exchange very soon, it’s a fact that time banks have a large influence on communities and they are surely on the rise.

Does Money Buy Happiness? An Economic Intrigue

Unraveling an enduring myth.

Two Reasons Why Oil Prices Have Been so High Lately

We all know oil prices have been on the rise lately. We see this on the television and in the newspapers. However this article aims to briefly explain a two of the main reasons as to why we have seen such high oil prices; the security premium applied because of the war in Iraq and secondly the impact of hurricanes in America

Bank Payments – Happiness Is

We all see the world in a different way. And it is no different in the world of finance. Payments information, the life-blood of any financial system, must meet the specialist needs of diffent users.

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