It Was Not That Long Ago

It was not long ago when in 2001 when we had 2 million lay offs. Two million Americans lost their jobs. That is not very bad considering the enormity of the employment base in this country, but it is still too high for my blood. It is a travesty when the greatest nation in the world cannot control its regulatory bureaucracy, which caused those job loses.

Finally The Perfect Funding RX For Anemic Cash Flow Blues In The Healthcare Industry

The cure for anemic cash flow blues in the healthcare industry is medical receivables funding. Revive your business with an injection of cash.

Negative Equity – A National Disease

…and for all the things we say we want, there are manufacturers ready and willing to provide them. In order to be competitive these same manufacturers are always seeking better ways to convince us that it is possible to own that Cadillac El Mundo Gordo Magnifico SUV when realistically we can only afford the Ford Sub-Midsized Ordinary Sedan. Desire for things, plus superb salesmanship overcomes common sense and basic math. These desires can lead to negative Equity, the subject of this article.

War of the Worlds: Student Finance Versus Life

Financial strain on UK students leads to long-term debt problems

Fraud – Would You Credit It?

Fraudulent use of credit cards abroad has decreased while ID theft continues to rise…

Are You Ready to be Fired!

Every employee is at risk of being fired, or let go, today. Are you ready to handle the economic upheaveal. This article will give you four ideas on what you need to do to be ready.

Why Join the Credit Union? Better Benefits are Hard to Find!

What is a credit union? A credit union is a not-for-profit, cooperative financial institution that is owned and controlled by its members. Credit unions serve people that share something in common such as an employer or place of worship. Credit unions allow members to pool their savings, lend to one another, and have a voice in the governance in the organization. This aspect of credit unions is particularly appealing given the increasing alienation many consumers are feeling from mega banks…

How Secure are Your Bank Account and Assets?

If you’re reading this you most likely live in a first world country with established banks, a stable government and a safe neighborhood — somewhere you can sleep at night knowing your family’s future is safe.

Types of Collection Agencies

Credit Collection agencies provide much desired relief to creditors by taking over their credit collection processes. These types of collection agencies offer services to a wide array of sectors and across a vast spectrum of businesses:

Credit Cards and Home Equity Loans – Read the Fine Print

The “fine print” in credit card statements, home equity loan and mortgage contracts can contain some expensive clauses. Watch out.

Choosing A Financial Planner

Choosing a financial planner is a very important decision. Who will you trust to handle your life savings and plan your financial future? The fact that someone claims to be a financial planner does not qualify him or her to handle your money. They must have the proper certification, experience, and knowledge…

The Five Debt Triggers for Women

Are you a woman in debt, or know women who are? Chances are very high your answer is yes. The average American is $7500 in debt, while over 90% of “shopaholics” – the 17 million Americans who have a very difficult time controlling what they spend – are women. Whether you are in debt a “little” or heavily, key is recognizing these 6 common debt triggers to overcome and prevent them.

Navigating Commercial Construction Financing

Today, the development and construction of commercial facilities entails a wider range of financial options than anytime in the past quarter century. Thanks in large part to continued low interest rates and significant liquidity in lending institutions, financing of well-considered speculative projects is available. Having learned the lessons of the tumultuous 1980s, however, such financing is generally considered conservative and follows the precepts of responsible investment. These precepts include significant borrower equity and responsible management available to sponsor the debt.

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