Interest Only Loan

Although very attractive, try to avoid Interest only Loan

Internet Banking – The Way Forward?

While internet banking has touched many of our lives in some form, there are many people who are still very wary of using online banking facilities. There are many scare stories which persist with regards to online banking, some justified and some written from a biased view point. While internet banking is not perfect, neither is the traditional banking system in the UK.

Loan Write-Offs Set To Rise In Early 2007

As we enter the early part of 2007, many banks and building societies are already forecasting a significant increase in loan bad debts and loan write-offs. While on the surface, the UK economy appears to be buoyant (with the housing market again taking centre stage) the picture is not as rosy deeper down.

Financing A New Business

While the business environment in the UK has been fairly difficult for the last few years, even though the economy is thriving, there are still many would be entrepreneurs out there who have been considering opening their own business. For these new business owners, one of the main issues at the outset is funding and the various sources of finance available.

Lending With Security – A Sensible Move?

While many may not realise they are lending money using security, the most obvious form of this is a mortgage for a home. In summary, until your mortgage is paid off, your bank or building society will retain the deeds and dictate under what circumstances and how the house can be sold. But who really benefits from secured lending?

Supermarkets and the Financial Sector

The financial sector in the UK is very very broad – perhaps one of the broadest in Europe – with very few barriers to entry for the large corporations who can show a high degree of financial strength. One group of companies who have really opened up to the loans, insurance and general financial sector are the supermarket – with influential giant Tesco again leading the way.

6 Steps To Make Sure Your Cashflow Is King

Cashflow, rarely understood or explained in a sentence (and sorry to disappoint but I won’t try in this blog either) but every business relies on healthy cashflow in their accounts. Are you financially fit enough to meet the cashflow demands on your business? Here’s a few pointers to make sure you allow cashflow to be maximised in your business:

Are There Holes in Your SOX? (Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance for Public and Private Companies)

The illicit transgressions by Enron and those alike in the late 1990s, lead to regulations created to standardize the trustworthiness of financial institutions and public companies. Companies facing SOX compliance will need to consider the following: what are the best practice processes, how do these processes differ from existing practices, how should new processes be implemented, and how can short term processes be balanced with longer term strategic goals?

How To Keep Your PIN Secure

Banking and card security is becoming more and more of an issue as identity thieves and fraudsters find new ways to get hold of our money

Invoice Factoring Company- Factor Receivables, Account Receivables

Invoice factoring is simple and alleviates the liable party of the debt for less than the full amount.

Can Zero Down Mortgages Work For You

Recent trends in the mortgage industry have now come up with a way for you to be able to get a home with zero down. This means that it has now become much easier to get the house of your dreams and not have to save for years in advance.

Save Money And Feel Happier By Organising Your Finances

Getting organised with your finances can save you hige amounts of cash.

The Best Short Term Investment

There is hardly anyone you know that would not be adverse to making a quick killing in some kind of investment, particularly if it is a short term investment. There are so many ways that you could think of to place your hard earned cash in an investment plan and probably even more offers that you get are more than willing to relieve you of your cash for promises of “the best short term investment plan”.

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