The Psychology Of Trading

Many of todayโ€™s highly successful traders will tell you that the general key to success in trading is to be able to comfortably take a loss.

Finding Bad Credit Loans

Many people within the UK have come to find that they have bad credit and with bad credit come the shocking realization that it is extremely difficult to obtain any type of loan.

UK Finance from Venture Capitalists

Any new startup would require proper funding and without that it is difficult to be successful in their business venture

UK Finance for Business

Running a business and becoming successful in that venture requires a lot finance and financial assistance. In UK finance for business can be got from different sources.

UK Finance and Auditing Regulatory Bodies

The role of the regulatory bodies in the UK Financial dealings is very important. We cannot neglect their role in UK Finance.

Solve Your Financial Dilemmas

No one likes to budget. Itโ€™s a lot of work for little reward. But the secret of budgeting and personal financial management is simply to ensure that thereโ€™s just enough money left over each month to pay your bills and maybe have a little fun…

Finance: Finding Online Lenders

There are a few things you should consider when you are looking for an online lender. These tips are things you should look for carefully and completely prior to making any decision to work with a specific online lender…

Asset-Based Lending: More than Last-Resort Business Financing

Asset-based loans are usually offered by commercial finance companies (as opposed to banks) that are offered on a revolving basis and collateralized by a company’s assets, specifically accounts receivable and inventory.

Four Ideas You Can Take to the Bank

If only you could snap your fingers and find that you have increased your income! It may not be that easy, but it is easier than you think to increase your income!

The Power of Body and Mind

Building wealth and health go hand-in-hand.

What the Employee Needs to Know About COBRA to Protect Himself and his Family

Often employees are terminated from their employment not understanding their rights under the COBRA legislation. With a little knowledge the employee can turn the table on an uncooperative employer. What most employers and employees don’t realalize is that there are severe penalties for non compliance on the part of the employer.

Low Interest Rate Credit Cards – How to Save Money on Your Next Credit Card

Here are a few things to keep in mind as you comparison shop credit offers.

Speculators Could Drive Uranium to $55/Pound-or Higher

TradeTech LLC Chief Executive Gene Clark talked with StockInterview about the uranium bull market, where his price models show uranium prices heading and when to expect the peak of the current upward cycle of the bull market. When will “hard” times again hit the uranium market, and how long will the trough last? And what does the future hold for the uranium price? An industry insider gives us his insights.

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